The Birthday Present

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The Birthday Present

In a village lived a very wealthy merchant named Ghanshyam. He was very wealthy but also generous and used to help him. People used to call him Ghanshyam Seth. Ghanshyam lived alone in a huge mansion. One his 30th birthday, he was having dinner alone in his house when he heard a knock on the door. Ghanshyam got up and went to the door.

He saw a poor man with his two young kids asking for alms. Ghanshyam felt pity on them and called them inside. He offered them food and drinks. The poor man thanked him after eating the food. While they were leaving, Ghanshyam gave him a big purse. It had silver coins in it. The poor man thanked him purfoursily and left.

Time passed, Ghanshyam became old and unfortunately luck did not keep his side. From a rich person he became poor. Today was his 50th birthday. He was alone reflecting over his good old days and was having dinner. The bell rang. “Who can be at such a time to visit a poor man?” thought Ghanshyam. He saw a man in a new suit with a lovely bouquet of red roses. He had many packets of gifts, fruits, sweets and a few bottles. He tried to recognise the man but could’nt.

“I’m the poor man whom you helped twenty years ago” replied the man. With the coins you gave me I did a business. I earned a lot of money within these years. Now I am a rich businessman. “Let’s celebrate your birthday,” he said. “It is for you, a little birthday present.” He gave a big purse to Ghanshyam. Inside it was full of gold coins.

Moral of the story : A good deed always comes around

By Shrividya Mukherjee

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The Birthday Present

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