The Undefeated Love

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The Undefeated Love

Pain! A lot of it! Maybe I haven’t felt anything it’s a good things while. My eyes open and I see lilith. She is staring at me with complete disbelief.

A little background Story: Hi I am Valorie. I am. A Knight of kingdom of Waloria. I have worked very hard to live upto my great father but here I am laying on the hot ground as I just lost a fight to LILITH. This is unbelievable. Lilith is the daughter of the Almighty king Arthur and Queen Helena. She was to inherit after King Arthur. The night of the coronation, the something happened. Something bad.

You see, on our land for hundreds of years, there has been peace. But where there’s peace, there’s commotion. We always knew that our enemies were close to us. At any time they could attack and ruin everything our ancestors and we worked so hard for. What we didn’t know, was how close they were to us.

Me and Lily used to be good friends. More than friends maybe. One day I found one of her maid gossiping about how she was bethrowed to Prince of flerish.

Im not going to lie, that broke my heart. I always knew and felt something between me and her. Little did I know she was destined to be someone else’s.

We weren’t always just friends. When I first saw her, u was 6 years old. I saw this golden light array of happiness and glow in her. She was sitting with a journal in the middle of the garden. I observed her for months. She had no friends but seemed like the most amiable person ever. Her smile. Her glow. Her aura. Captivating.

We did eventually become friends. Turned out she wasn’t just the typical dumb princess as they all are, she saw me glaring at her everyday and she noticed me too. When she told me that, u felt… seen. I’ve always been on the sidelines and talking to the future queen felt, like I belonged.

We had so much fun around the palace. We would go around the halls jumping and singing and making up imaginary stories. We would go around rearranging sculptures in a funny way and drawing moustaches on pictures of her ancestors. We were unbreakable.

“Get up already”, I hear someone shouting. My chain of thoughts break and I see Lilith standing in front of me with her hand extended in my direction. I flick her hand away with a quick motion and get up.

I am so angry right now! I have never lost a fight with any of the renowned soldiers and yet here I am bleeding out of wounds caused by lilith’s sword. “ Are you doing this on purpose?” lily questions. “What is the matter with you val? It has been 3 months, can’t you just talk to me already?” I hate that I don’t have an answer for that. I just cannot!

The great warrior, My dad, Zaiden lorde, died protecting her. Right in front of my eyes. The night of her coronation, I found out the she was to marry prince of flerish. I was infuriated. I don’t know why. Now I feel like I should have just been happier for her. The whole kingdom and royalty of Flerish were at the event. Just seeing the prince courting Lilith made my blood boil. I don’t really remember what happened next. All I remember was as Lilith was walking down the aisle to receive her crown, there was a loud bang followed with screams and splatters of blood. I ran to protect Lilith. No matter how sad and heartbroken I was, I still loved her. As I ran towards her, an armed soldier attacked her. Next thing I know my dad is on the floor, bleeding. He fought gloriously. He survived hours protecting the royalty.

Oh did I forget to tell you, the attackers were of the Flerish kingdom. Talk about betrayal. The marriage was all a ruse to get in the kingdom and take over king Arthur. We lost almost all if the population that day. Men, women, children. Just bodies and bodies everywhere. It still causes me nightmares. King Arthur and Queen Helena couldn’t escape and lost their lives.

Its been three months since that attack. The people who survived set up a camp in the middle of the forest. We don’t know what to say. Everyday we wake up and wish that it isn’t the day we lose our lives to those horrible creatures. I haven’t talked to lilith since that day. She is suffering too. I know that. But I just can’t look in her eyes anymore without experiencing all the wrath.

Just as I am thinking about all this, I hear a loud bang! Both and lily who is standing right beside me become completely aware of our surroundings. THEM! Even though I haven’t talked to lily in like 3 months, our coordination is still the same. We run out of the battle ring. We run towards the camp. There is destruction everywhere. Fire. Our houses, gardens, farms. Gone. Everything. Why are they here now? My breath becomes heavy. I am still bleeding from the battle with Lily. I get dizzy and lose my balance. I can feel my body including backwards, my mind filled with trauma. Suddenly I feel a hand on my back. Lilith. “Val, let’s make our parents proud” I dont know why but suddenly adrenaline rushes through my veins.

We fight viciously. I had completely forgotten how amazing it felt to fight besides lily. We were in fire. There were almost 50 Soldiers we defeated. It was glorifying.

“Your Dad With said would have been proud Val”, lily says, as we walk back to camp to undo the damage we just did to our town. “You are my girl Valorie. I love you. Really sorry for that night. About our fight and about our parents.” “lilith I know. You also suffered a lose. I am sorry too. I haven’t been fair, to you” I feel my eyes getting watery, and throat getting heavy.

Lily looks at me with gleaming eyes and hugs me. We spend the rest of the night working on our camp, talking and of crying a whole lot.

Sometimes all and listen you need or talk is to let go to the loved ones around you. Love is above everything in this world. You can be trained to hate, but love comes naturally to us.

By Navya Jain

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The Undefeated Love

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