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Essay – Problems Faced By Teenagers

A little sunshine, a little rain,
Sometimes I fall, sometimes I’m up again,
Oh dear, this is a teenager’s life…
Smile, be strong, stand up to the bitter-sweet strife !!

I penned down these lines, as I sat down gazing through my window pane, contemplating on how my life as a teenager is nothing short of the thrills and spills of that Nitro rollercoaster ride at the Imagica amusement park! Our world today is brimming with chaos, confusion and cut- throat competition. The tentacles of technology reach everywhere, yet it is a challenge to live a satisfied and contented life. Every day as my day begins, I come to terms with the stress of my day and all that I have to overcome, to forge ahead. Let’s peep into the world of a teenager, my world to know more…

Topping the list are the academic achievements that we swear to accomplish, all in this one life! But jokes apart, this leaves us with hardly any time for ourselves, our personal growth and development, or even quality time to spend with our friends and family. And then, I guess we need to share the blame too, since we also tend to set unrealistic goals and targets, failing to see the faint line between what is optimistic and what is realistic.

Campus connections also bring with it some unpleasant episodes of bullying (both online & offline), peer pressure, failed friendships, isolation, groupism and more. Negative friend and peer pressure can decrease self-confidents and can lead to poor academic performance, distancing from family and other friends. If this is left untreated it can lead to teens engaging in self-harm, etc. Some negative peer pressure are that they can encourage each other to skip classes, steal, cheat, uses drugs and alcohol, or become involved in other risky and dangerous behaviour. There are some ways to recognize negative peer pressure like low moods, tearfulness, aggression or antisocial behaviour, sudden changes in behaviour, loss of appetite or over-eating, etc. There are ways to say no or to beat negative peer pressure by just saying no but if that doesn’t work there are a few more one can try like suggesting a different activity or ignoring the suggestion that your peers are telling you about, giving a reason why it’s a bad idea, repeating yourself if needed and if you are getting uncomfortable leave the situation and try telling or talking to a trusted adult. Discrimination based on gender, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., can scar a teenager’s life forever.

There are teen activist that are seek to improve their countries and the world one step at a time by peaceful protesting for their rights as a citizen and to spread understanding and awareness- eg Greta Thunberg, the youngest climate change advocate.

Queer teenagers have to also face a lot of problems like lack of support from family and society. Limitations are outlined on how they should dress and behave in public. They are not allowed to be themselves in public with the fear of being stoned or being called different horrible names. All these can lead to serious blows to one’s physical and mental health which can also lead to depressive symptoms, suicidal thoughts and psychosomatic illness. There are peaceful protests and parades to spread awareness and acceptances.

Teenage victims of cyberbullying experience a range of negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness and embarrassment. They also are more likely to have mental health problems, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Cyber-addiction is one of the most common addictions plaguing teenagers- social media, online gaming, gambling etc. It can cause loss of personal relationships outside the internet. It can also can cause affect a teens academia and grades. People who have cyber addiction can lack social skill. It can cause physical problems like body ache, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, vision problems etc. It can also have negative emotional effects like depression, dishonesty, anxiety, social isolation, aggression and mood swings.

Parental or family pressure is emotional stress that parents tend to put on their children which are mostly related to academic success or social standards, etc. Although the pressure is based on the good will of the parents but sometimes it can go beyond what’s acceptable for the students.

The excess pressure put by parents can lead to stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, eating disorder, excessive worrying, cheating and burnout. It can create a sense of worthlessness which can also lead to suicidal thoughts in the child’s mind. It can also damage a child’s self-esteem and cause the child to lose interest in their hobbies. Instead of pressuring the child, parents can encourage the child to do their best and also listen and try to understand what the child is going through in their life.

Teenagers go through a lot of stress which can include family discord, demands from school, peer pressure, sleep deprivation, negative thoughts or feeling about themselves, loss of a loved one, moving or changing schools. There are different way to reduce and manage stress: exercise and eat well regularly, develop assertiveness training skills, learn relaxation exercises, decrease negative self-talk, take a break from stressful situations, have a good sleep routine. Parents can also help their child/teenager by their involvement in sports and other pro-social activities, monitor if stress is affecting their teen’s health, behaviour, thoughts, or feelings they also need to watch for overloading in teenagers. Sometimes, body image or self-esteem problems are too much to handle alone. Health issues, depression, or trauma can affect how you feel about yourself. Eating disorders can cause a poor body image that isn’t true. A girl’s self-esteem is more strongly related to how she views her own body shape and body weight, than how much she actually weighs. Boys in middle school and high school regularly exercise with the goal of increasing muscle mass.

Among high school students, girls attempting to lose weight. and guys are attempting to increase their height and muscles. We can help ourselves or a Friend with body image issues by avoiding making physical external appearances a big issue, talk about feelings, recognise that symptoms may really be about something else, love your own body, set healthy goals for oneself. Suicides among young people continue to be a serious problem. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children, adolescents, and young adults age 15-to-24-year-olds. Teen suicide is a cry for help while they are drowning in their pain and trauma with no perceivable way out. Among teenagers, suicide attempts may be associated with feelings of stress, self-doubt, pressure to succeed, financial uncertainty, disappointment, and loss. For some teens, suicide may appear to be a solution to their problems. Adolescents thinking about suicide may make openly suicidal statements or comments such as, “I wish I was dead,” or “I won’t be a problem for you much longer.” People often feel uncomfortable talking about suicide however, asking your child or adolescent whether he or she is depressed or thinking about suicide can be helpful. These questions can provide assurance that somebody cares and will give your child the chance to talk about problems.

As devastating as this topic of teen suicide is, knowing the top reasons that teenagers want to take away their life for good is important to ponder on so that parents can look for the signs. India, the world’s second most populous country of over 1 billion, has one of the highest suicide rates among those aged 15 to 29 and accounts for over a third of global suicides among women each year. The National Crime Records Bureau’s Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India report show that the number of student deaths by suicide increased by 4.5 percent, with Maharashtra reporting the highest number of deaths, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Juxtaposing academic excellence with the pressure of marks, studies and performance are important factors in student suicides in India from exam-oriented education. Not only anxiety but also your mental health becomes too much for your teenager is not able to leave the house without a chaperone, and/or starts isolating himself or herself from others, you should seek a professional that will give you tailored guidelines for you and your child. It might be in a form of slow and gradual exposure to stressful situations, meditation and relaxation, and in some cases appropriate medication.

Problematic situations faced, and the decisions you take in teenage years, pave the future for a teenager, moulding the mindset to adapt and become resilient over time.

Teenage is a confusing time. A teenager goes through anxieties, uncertainties, and emotional turmoil for varied reasons. If you have a teenager at home, sending them teenage quotes about life can give them the clarity and courage to take on life and the challenges it throws. During teenage, one is exposed to a whole new world of opportunities and pitfalls. So, every decision that a teenager makes has an impact on their future…Remember, our teenagers are not only the furure of tomorrow, but the very asset of today…Lets gift them a better today !!

By Tianne Almeida

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Problems Faced By Teenagers

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