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Everybody in his/her life possesses some role models to admire and inspire them in making decisions and to guide them in the right path. Just because of these role models, a successful person is able to stand on his own. I also have such role models in my life who have showered a rain of happiness in my life. They are my beloved parents. I am going to share a story which proves that my parents are my true role models.

Recently ,a few weeks back, I was in my school, in my class. I was revising my history test which was to be conducted in the next period. Suddenly, there was an announcement made in the class by my class teacher regarding a debate competition which would be held after a week. I had promised myself that I would push myself to take part in every competition and shine out brightly. As I am a good debater, and I possess high qualities in debate, I thought that I should take part in this competition in order to improve my speaking skills. So, I gave my name along with a few children from my class who were also very interested to take part in that competition. Although I made my mind to take part
in that exciting competition, however, Fate had different plans for me.

When I came back home, 1 gave that good news to my parents. They both were very happy to listen my words. For my participation in the debate competition, they encouraged and blessed me to do well in the competition. I was also very happy to see smile on their faces. So, after telling them the good news, [ went into my room, changed my clothes till then my mother called me out for lunch. When I was having my lunch with my parents in the dining room, I was overjoyed when I heard my parent’s words. They told me that they always want me to stand on my own feet without any support and be independent on others, not only for any competition, but also for my whole life. They encouraged
developing self-confidence in me so that I could speak the best in the competition. I was really touched by their words and thanked them a lot for their love and affection towards me. Then, I finished my lunch and straight away went into my room. I started preparing for my competition. I spent countless hours, researching, writing and rehearsing my speech. I had put my best efforts and even practiced my speeches in front of my family members and my friends. In turn, They all gave me a positive feedback.

I spent many days preparing for this competition. One night before the competition, I was practicing the most as the following day was the War of Words, that was my debate competition. Everybody was sleeping in their rooms, and I was the one who didn’t sleep just because I had to prepare myself for the next day. When I was speaking and practicing continuously, I felt very thirsty. Then, I opened my water bottle which was kept on the study table but I somehow found it vacant. Then, I walked towards the kitchen to fill my water bottle. Unfortunately, on the stairs, I went through the most dreadful experience. I fell off those stairs while walking. Firstly, I was very thirsty and wanted to drink water, and then suddenly I slipped on the stairs very badly. I tumbled down the stairs and landed myself on the hard floor below. I was not able to recognize where I was and was thus feeling a sharp pain in my ankle. Then my parents woke up and came running out of their room. They asked me what had happened. 1 was not able to speak but seeing my condition, my parents came to know I had fallen from the stairs. They rushed me to the hospital where I was put on the hospital bed. I was really frustrated in the hospital. Soon, the doctor checked me and confirmed that my left leg was fractured and I had sprained my ankle. I got my leg fractured for about a month. The doctor advised me to take
rest and stay at home and keep my foot elevated for few days.

When I heard the words of the doctor, I was devastated. I had been looking for the competition and now it seemed like all my hard work had been for nothing. The next day I woke up feeling disheartened when it was the final debate competition. I knew I couldn’t go to school with my fractured leg. However, I lay in bed and thought about all of my hard work, which I put into my routine. I really didn’t want it to waste. But I had nothing to do now. After a few days, started recovering myself. My parents tried to motivate and encourage me to focus on getting better but I was inconsolable. They were always there by my way, helping with my physical therapy and made sure that I was getting the proper rest and nutrition which I needed to recover.

When I was fully fine, after a month, I went to school. That day was the worst day of my life. I heard the voices, “Oh, look who decided to show her talents”, one said.”I heard you missed the competition yesterday”, the other exclaimed.”May be you are not so good as you thought you were”, the third one added. I felt humiliated and didn’t believe that my classmates were making fun of me. I had always thought that they were supporting and caring, but now I realized that they were just pretending to be my classmates. The full day I tried to ignore them and their comments, but it was impossible. Wherever I went ,I heard whispers and giggles. 1 felt I was being judged by everyone in the school. I felt that I worked so hard but all got wasted. I couldn’t bear the thought of my friends laughing at me.

So, I decided to skip rest of my classes and go home. When I reached home, then my parents asked me what was the problem that I had come early from school. I was so disheartened that time that I couldn’t speak the truth to my parents. So, I straight away went to my room. I locked myself and cried. I had lost my chance to prove myself in the competition and also my friends’ respect. I didn’t know what to do. After a while, my parents came to my room and asked me what was wrong with me. I explained everything to them and they listened it carefully. They saw me how upset I was and decided to step in and offer me the words of encouragement. They reminded me that it was okay to stumble and fail sometimes and that it was just a setback, not a defeat. They told me to keep working hard and to never give up.

Their words of wisdom really stuck with me and I decided to take their advice to my heart. I continued to practice and improved my debating skills and when the next competition rolled around, I was ready. I put all my heart and efforts into it. I was able to perform well in that competition and won the first position. It was an incredible feeling and I knew I couldn’t have done it without the help of my parents. I thank them for helping me out without any conditions or doubt. I consider them the true role models of my life who motivated me to become what they want me to be.

By Mehakjot Kaur

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Role Models

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