The Two Ladybugs

Two Ladybugs - Little Authors

The Two Ladybugs

One cloudy evening there were two little ladybugs. They were making cards for each other. But suddenly a thunderstorm started and the little ladybugs started to cry. The mommy ladybug came rushing to them.

The mommy ladybug gave the little ladybugs cupcakes, cakes and fries but they were still crying.

She read a book and even sang a song to them but nothing worked. The little ladybugs were still crying.

Finally … the mommy ladybug gave both of them a warm hug. The little ones stopped crying and even the thunderstorm ended.

The two little ladybug went off to play happily.

Moral : Mother’s love heals everything

By Aadhya Vinoth

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The Two Ladybugs

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