The Old House

The Old House

Once upon a time, Mr John and his family lived in a house. But every night, they could hear footsteps and loud scary noises. So they always became disturbed and the children got scared. They decided to shift from there. Nobody else dared to go there.

After a year, a family came to live there. They didn’t know about the noise. So that night, when footsteps and loud noises were heard, the family got disturbed. In that family, there was a boy named Jack. Jack was a brave boy. When he got disturbed that night, and woke up, he said to himself, “I should go and check where these noises are coming from.”

Jack followed the noise. He reached a room where he found a wolf stuck between wooden blades on the floor. The noises came only at night because the wolf howled at night and slept in the morning. Jack rescued the wolf and brought it to show everyone. He became famous. Everyone started respecting that family.

When John and his family learnt about the incident, they were jealous of Jack.

By Ishaana Tripathi

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The Old House

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