An Eerie Night

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An Eerie Night

It was a stormy and dark night, and Scarlett was alone at home. As her parents were out for an urgent work. Scarlett was very afraid of storms, but tonight was different. As the wind howled outside, Scarlett heard strange noises coming from the attic. She tried to ignore it. But the sounds went louder and scary…

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to go to the attic and investigate. She climbed the creaky stairs, her heart pounding in her heart pounding in her chest. When she reached the attic, she saw the door was slightly ajar. She pushed it open and stepped inside..

At first, Scarlett didn’t see anything out of the ordinary..But then, she noticed that some of her belongings had been moved around. She felt a chill run as she realized that someone had been in her house..

Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She panicked and tried to hide, but it was too late. A shadow figure appeared in the doorway, and Scarlett realized that she was not alone in the house..
The figure lunged at her, and Scarlett screamed. She fought back with all her might, but the figure stopped and pulled off its mask. It was her best friend Emily…

Emily explained that she had been playing prank on Scarlett, but she had taken it too far.. Scarlett was relieved, but also angry. She told Emily that she had scared her half to death, and Emily apologized profusely…

In the end, Scarlett forgave Emily, but she never forgot the terror of that stormy night. And always made sure to lock her door and windows..Just in case..

By Sahaj Rai

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An Eerie Night

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