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All Alone

Sofia was a little girl, but she was mocked since her childhood even by her own siblings, she even had to face all the challenges of her life. You won’t believe what she turned out to be when she grew up. Read the story to find out what happens next.

Long ago, there lived a small ‘Brown family’ in U.K., London or I must say more specifically they lived in London’s most popular neighbourhood named ‘Notting Hill’. The Brown family included- Mr.Brown, Mrs. Brown, and their children- The eldest daughter: Melissa Brown who was sixteen years old, the second son: Adam Brown who was fifteen years old and their youngest daughter, can you guess who is she? She’s the main character of the story: Sofia Brown who was twelve years old.

Their family was very rich, Mr. Brown was a great businessman, Mrs.Brown worked as a manager in a big company. Now, Sofia had interest in art, she loved to do art very much. She at least painted one page every day. Everybody used to mock at her very much, but, she always used to stay quiet.
One day it so happened, when Sofia painted a cute looking rabbit and she was very excited thinking what would others say. After finishing the painting, she ran to her sister first, “Sister, sister, my lovely sister how is my painting?” she asked excitedly. But, her sister Melissa replied “Oh, how can I forget to give you your remarks fool, yeah, so your remarks are “you always paint bloody monsters and you waste the papers very much!!” She replied rudely. Then her sister sadly went away holding her painting in her hand.

Next, she went to her brother wiping tears and asking “Brother, how is my painting?” she asked gently, but, her brother Adam was working on his school project and he shouted at her rudely and tore her cute and beautiful painting. Sofia busted into tears and ran into her room holding the pieces of her painting. She cried a lot seeing the broken pieces of her painting. After sometime, Sofia observed something in the painting that even after tearing the painting, the character in the painting is still smiling like how Sofia painted it before. Then she understood the meaning of the painting and she said to herself “No matter, how much people mock or trouble, but you should always stay calm and happy”. Then from that day she used to make beautiful paintings and keep them safe in her wardrobe.

The days swiftly passed and finally it was 15th of July, her birthday and now she turned thirteen years old. She was very excited when she woke up, but, then she saw black smoke coming from the backyard of her house. Sofia ran to see what was going on in the backyard, she saw that something was getting burned in fire. She quickly bought a bucket of water and poured it on the fire, the fire disappeared and the thing that left was the black ashes and some bits of paper. The bits of paper
looked familiar to Sofia, she picked some bits and recognized the paper bits, they were the bits of the beautiful paintings that she painted! But now they were all turned into ash. Sofia had tears in her eyes now, “Who could have done such a worst thing!!” she sobbed.

She went upstairs to her room, took out a carry bag, then she put all the stationery she had, all the drawing papers, then she went down into the kitchen. But, while going through the stairs, Sofia was shocked when she saw that no one was in the house, Sofia then sat on the sofa thinking where her family could be. Sofia then thought that perhaps, her family went outside to buy her a birthday gift. Then an idea struck in her mind that instead of wasting the time she can even do the decorations and preparations in the meantime. Sofia spent hours doing the decorations and finally it came to an end, the decorations were done. She went out to see the sunset, the sun was looking beautiful. She waited and waited till the night, but there was no news of her family.

Nobody in her neighbourhood knew where Sofia’s family was, so Sofia went into the house and still waited for hours and hours for her family very patiently. It was eleven thirty in the night and Sofia began to fear a lot, so she went into her parents’ bedroom, hid inside the blanket and sobbed, she assumed that her family went outside for fun and they forgot her birthday. Sofia sobbed and sobbed and she fell asleep.

Early in the morning, it was nearly 8:15 am when Sofia woke up from her sleep. She ran to the kitchen expecting to see her mother cooking breakfast. But when she went into the kitchen there was no one, Sofia was shocked but, then she went into everyone’s bedroom, still there was no one. She searched the whole house but there was no sign of her family, the house remained the same like how it was earlier that day. Sofia now began to worry a lot; she was now sweating.

Five days passed away swiftly but Sofia’s family never returned. Nobody knew the mystery of what happened to her family. Sofia cried bitterly missing her family a lot. She then went into her room, saw herself in the mirror and said “Am I a strong girl? I cannot stay like this because I now myself have to work for my future, so I cannot stay in this house.” Sofia then took some carry bags, put all the stationary items she had, put her clothes, put all the necessary items like pillows, blankets, some food, fruits and vegetables, and etc. Then she took the second carry bag and went into her parents’ bedroom, took a key, opened a wardrobe and put all the money in the carry bag. Then she
put albums of her family and all the memories of her family, and went outside, locked each and every room of the house and then locked the main gate. She stood outside before the main gate and watched her house. She couldn’t find the mystery of what happened to her family, but she sighed.

Sofia took her bags and walked away crying. Sofia travelled for days and days and finally reached a city which was also in London. She then travelled and travelled hoping to find some help. Years passed..and Sofia was now twenty-five years old. She even owned her own art selling business. She had a friend named Stacey, who helped her a lot, Stacey even allowed Sofia to stay with her in her home until she finds her own destination. Sofia sold beautiful paintings, earning bundles of money each day. She even worked as an art teacher in a school nearby. Sofia worked hard day and night to fulfil her ambition.

One day Sofia was in her office of art gallery business when someone knocked at the door of her cabin. Sofia said “Come in”, then the customer came in, Sofia was painting and did not see the face of the customer, the customer was wearing a mask and a hat. Then the customer asked Sofia about a painting, then Sofia suddenly turned back and replied “Oh, it’s the painting I made when I was a child, isn’t cute?” she asked. The customer replied “Oh it is”. Sofia suddenly heard a familiar voice, she then asked the customer “What is your name?”. The customer hugged Sofia tightly, Sofia hugged her too. Sofia then recognized her, she was Sofia’s own sister Melissa. They both talked for hours and hours. Then suddenly Sofia asked “Sister, what happened to our parents and Adam, this mystery is unsolved?”

Melissa narrated the whole story to Sofia “It was your birthday remember, so we all woke up early in the morning and, we all got ready to go out to buy you a birthday gift. But unfortunately, we all got in a car accident and the truck which hit our car crashed it and went away. Our parents and Adam all the three of them couldn’t make it, but fortunately I was safe with barely a scratch. I crawled from under the car and came out safely. I was luckily adopted by a rich family, the family was very kind and gentle, they had only one son named Brian. I grew up there, I was twenty-one I guess when I got married to Brian. Now I live near your office, with my family.” After hearing Melissa’s story, Sofia hugged her tight and they both cried tears of joy that they met each other after thirteen years.

Sofia, Melissa and Stacey lived happily together in one house. One rainy day, Sofia had to go Notting Hill for an urgent work of her business. She packed her things, said goodbye to her sister and friend, and moved. She had to catch a train from the railway station, and then reach Notting Hill. She caught a train which was train no.3, she climbed in and stood at one side because the train was full with passengers inside. She was watching all the scenery and cities and towns from the window. Suddenly the train came to a stop, and the stop was the Notting Hill railway station. Sofia stepped outside and walked, she walked and walked. While walking she saw a familiar district. Then she walked more and beside her she saw an old creepy and greasy house covered with trees and vines and branches. Sofia’s heart and eyes were filled with memories and flashback and she busted into tears and sobbed, because it was the house in which she spent her whole childhood. She suddenly remembered the key of the house and opened the house with it.

She went inside and saw all the rooms filled with sting, dust and spider webs all around. She then went to her own room; it was too in the same state. She could not bear to see her lovely home in such a dirty state. She locked the house again and went away. The only thing that time that was going in her mind was the flashback of her house and the pictures of her family, the happy and funny memories, and life that one was filled with laughter and happiness. Sofia was now walking alone on a road, holding her jacket on her shoulder and holding the umbrella in the other hand.

Years passed swiftly and Sofia grew old. She died at the age of eighty seven years. After Sofia’s death everyone still missed her very much, she was famous because of her beautiful and lovely paintings that she used to sell. To continue her legacy, majority people started doing the business of selling the paintings, and art became one of the most popular hobbies in U.K.

By Zoha Zubeida

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All Alone

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