The Cost Of Happiness

The Cost Of Happiness

The Cost Of Happiness

In the world full of sorrow,
Wish some happiness I could borrow,
Walking down through the dry lanes,
I saw everyone in different pains.

Oh! My vendor
What’s the happiness price?
No sir, I have none
I can give you only spice and rice.

Excuse me doctor,
Can I get a pill of laughter?
None are available,
I guess your heartbeat is faster.

The ferryman out there,
Do you have a bottle of bliss?
Why are you so weak sir,
A boat ride should make you crisp.

A bag of joy, sir
If you have any.
Not in stock- I am sorry
Even if you have a thousand penny.

I asked everyone
On those dry lanes,
What is the cost of happiness?
Money, power or fame?

It’s actually none.
Except your own self,
Just be contended
And happiness is on your shelf.

I walked down those streets,
And got the lesson I had to get.
What are you waiting for
Remember only happiness- no more regret.

By Shrividya Mukherjee

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The Cost Of Happiness

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