Author : Ayman Younis

Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays School’s out, the holidays are hereNo more early mornings, no more fear No more pencils, no more booksNo more waking up with a groan and a look No more books, no more testsJust freedom, fun and well-deserved rests A time to play, explore and restTo spend with family and be our best To […]

Let’s Remember

Let’s Remember I see the ocean and the skyAnd the rays of the sun go by I see the land of sagesAnd people with bravery for ages I see people staying in unisonAcross rivers, streets and high mountains I see the years we spent in peaceAnd everything we get at ease Lets not forget those […]

My Friend

My Friend You are my friendYou know that’s trueWhatever happensI will always be there for you I will stand by youAlways and foreeverIn times of needOr to do a good deed Even though we end up fightingFor things so pettyYou are best thingThat has happened to me So just call me whenYou need me, my […]

Wonderful Treasure

Wonderful Treasure Once I found a treasure mapIn the mouth of my catI wore my treasure hatAnd took out the map. I sailed on the sea,I climbed some of the treesI reached very earlyTo a place called Germany. I was greedyBut grabbed it easily.Back home I was licking creamAfter all it was a dream! By […]

Helping Others

Helping Others It was a warm evening .Everyone in the village were busy with their work. A fruit seller called Pinto was getting ready for a long journey. Everyone liked him so much because he was honest, obedient and sharing. When he told his wife that he was going to the next village to sell […]

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