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Its dark! Exclaimed Timmy, a 7-year-old boy who was afraid of several things such as heights, darkness, and wild creatures etc. He could not even cross a single lane at night because it would haunt him. But nobody knew this fact. This was his very deepest secret. He knew his classmates and friends would laugh and make fun off him.

One day in his classroom the light switched off and without a second thought he blurted out loudly “I am scared” and everyone laughed out loud.

For some days teasing Timmy became a habitual action in his school, but neither the teachers nor his parents knew this.

Children started haunting Timmy and he had sleepless nights since then. He tried many things such as meditation, bringing in happy thoughts in his mind, trying to sleep quickly to escape the darkness of the night, but none worked and his Nyctophobia increased.

He was scared, haunted and the horror stories his classmates told him would make him think there were ghosts swarming around. This continued until this happened.

They were studying a chapter on how a whole city was filled with ghosts and how ghosts scared the children of the city. Timmy at once started shivering. At this point the teacher asked if anybody is afraid of ghosts. Timmy’s hand instantly shot into the air and the whole class burst into laughter. Nevertheless, the teacher asked Timmy why he was afraid of this thing. Timmy did not have the courage to say why.  The teacher waited and finally thought she ought to tell his parents and his parents shortly knew about it.

Then things changed dramatically!.

He was no longer afraid of darkness, ghosts etc now as his parents and teachers were there around to help him. His friends and classmates accepted their mistake and promised not to bully Timmy ever again.

By Mohammed Uzair

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