Vikram Batra – The Hero

Vikram Batra - Little Authors

Vikram Batra – The Hero

Vikram Batra was a hero, brave and true
A valiant soldier, always ready to fight
With a heart of gold and a fearless spirit
He stood tall, defending our nation with all his might

In the treacherous peaks of the Kargil war
He led his men with courage and grace
Charging forward with a fearless roar
He fought with valor, in this treacherous place

With his comrades by his side
He fearlessly faced the enemy’s fire
Fighting for his country with all his might
He stood tall, a true soldier, never to tire

In the face of danger, he did not falter
He fought with bravery and unyielding strength
For his country and his comrades, he would not alter
His sacrifice will forever live on, in the annals of history’s length

Vikram Batra, you are a hero and a shining star
Your bravery and courage will always inspire
We will never forget the sacrifices you made
For your memory will live on, forever in our hearts and minds.

By Pranav Mishra

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Vikram Batra – The Hero

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