Seasons Ayaan Chettiar


When the flowers start to blossom,
Fresh air, it feels so awesome,
In the Middle of March, it begins.

Cats meow, and dogs, they bark,
You’d like to go fer’ a stroll into the park,

Spring’s all around the corner,
Fun, it has no lasting border.

Life’s a joy, so great a dream,
Enjoying nature, it starts to gleam,

Strolling briskly in the park,
In your hearts, it leaves a mark.

As we cherish, we embrace,
Spring Time’s amazing pace,

Memories it is what we make,
Sprinkling icing on the cake.

Snow waves goodbye, spring greets hello,
Flowers, such beauty, also quite mellow

Time runs fast, for it, don’t waste,
every moment’s special, don’t let it fly in haste.

By Ayaan Chettiar

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