The Treasure Hunt

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The Treasure Hunt

It was summer vacation and both Achara and Kittikun were bored. The school vacation had started and both friends had nothing to do. Achara’s mother shouted from the window “why dont’t both of you clear the attic and see if you can throw away useless things”

While they didn’t want to clean the attic, there was nothing else to do. The attic was full of broken items, old clothers and books. While cleaning they found an old box with lots of junk in it. The box belonged to Achara’s grandfather. Inside the box was a worn out map, the map showed the location of a buried treasure in the nearby forest. The box also contained an old compass.

Excited by the possibility of finding treasure, both of them decided to go on a treasure hunt adventure. They cleaned the attic as quickly as possible and phoned their friend Nam who was also their neighbour. All of them packed some snacks, water, and a shovel and set out on their journey.

As they walked through the forest, they faced many obstacles. They had to cross a river, climb over rocks, and navigate through dense bushes. Using the old compass the group were able to navigate the terrain.

Finally, they reached the spot where the treasure was supposed to be there. They started digging and found a box buried in the ground. The box was heavy and covered in dust, but they managed to open it with a lot of effort. Inside the box, they found a map and a note from Achara’s grandfather.

It said, “The best treasure is a good adventure with good friends!”

“Wow, that’s true. It was so fun going on a treasure hunt” said Nam.

All of them were overjoyed, they had too much fun during the journey. They all agreed to plan a similar treasure hunt for others to enjoy.

By Aroon Saetang

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The Treasure Hunt

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