Let’s Pledge

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Let’s Pledge

Many people around,
starving, roaming on the street can be found.
Couldn’t eat a proper meal,
no food left at home,
think how they feel,
what else can they ever do except to roam?

All over the world,
wars going on,
climate is changing,
poverty taking over,
but what have they done wrong?

Others are doing what they like on their own,
but have anyone ever thought that,
they’re also humans but doesn’t have food,
& even a single home.

It’s neither time to waste nor sit & regret,
still we can mend the ruin made,
Join hand in hands & pledge,
we’ll achieve Zero Hunger,
& stop food wastage by the year 2030’s edge.

The world isn’t only for few,
but there’s some other whom we didn’t even knew,
Let’s put a step forward,
so that they all don’t go starving now onwards.

By Samriddha Biswas

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Let’s Pledge

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