Fall Over

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Fall Over

An artist draws on a wall,
but slips down & fall,
couldn’t reach up,
draws on a tub.

Egg from a crate,
falls & breaks,
gloomy the artist is now,
hates the painting instead of saying ‘Wow!’

Irritated goes away &
jug of water falls on the way,
knots the shoe laces tightly,
leaps from there on a mud, sticky.

Mops the entire room,
no painting until he keeps the broom.
On the colours, artist topples again,
Paintings! He shouted with pain.

Queens, Kings, Knights & Horses,
Red, yellow, & pink roses,
slithery they become,
tough to repair them, artist runs.

Up the stairs,
vital position he dares,
wittily holds himself tightly, but
Xerox machine didn’t leave him.

Yellow, blue, white & purple prints it makes,
Zipppp! Artist goes & lies on the bed.

By Samriddha Biswas

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Fall Over

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