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Team Work

Teamwork can be seen from the very beginning stages of our life. Like from the birth of a child, plenty of people (mostly family members) contribute to his or her life in different ways, which can be considered as an example of teamwork. Once he or she starts attending school or college, teachers, professors, and different staff start contributing to his or her life and, he or she also gets involved in teamwork along with his or her fellow classmates.

Once he or she enters the commercial world, he or she engages himself or herself with his or her colleagues, for betterment of the service, he or she is contributing to like agricultural field. Simultaneously in their married life, he or she showcases teamwork with his or her spouse. Later, during his or her inability during old age, they experience teamwork from people who take care of them together.

Even the animals also perform as a team to survive in this competitive world. Cheetahs hunt together, wild dogs stay together to avert danger, bees make their hives unitedly, ants collect food together for a long period of time to sustain extreme weather conditions and so on. The success of a team depends on the performance of the members of the team, who collectively create it. They are called as teammates. The word itself means working together as a team to achieve a particular goal. Humans, also known as social animals, tend to stick together and work as a team, in almost every phase of their life. Every team member has separate responsibilities to meet. Performing these responsibilities every day makes us a part of the team we are in. upon doing their assigned work with proper coordination, a team always wins in achieving its goal.

Teamwork is working together of people to achieve a certain goal. Teamwork is the basic need for an organization to function. Furthermore, every organization has a division of several teams to perform specific tasks. Without teamwork nothing is possible. Moreover, if any organization lacks teamwork, then it will hamper its success rate. Thus, the organization will fall. Also, it will affect the environment the people are working in.

Furthermore, the organization has a different hierarchy of teamwork. Each team has an expert who guides different team members with his prior experience. There is a hierarchical system where one leads the others to follow. The leader has more experience than the other teammates. It is his experience that helps him to lead a team with proper supervision. If you look at an organization, you will find that leaders show the path to the teammates to follow and complete their respective assignments. Every assignment is a small piece to a big puzzle. This puzzle will only take the right shape when all the pieces fall in the right place. Hence, the contribution of each team member is extremely crucial for the success of a team.

As time changed, the hierarchical system transformed. With the increase and diversification of responsibilities, the structure of the team changed completely. It helps the companies to designate work and distribute the load. This helps in the proper management of workflow. As a person gains experience, he moves up the ladder of personal success, and holds a more responsible position, in the team, with much pride.

In an organization, the top level comprises the managers who have immense experience in the specific field assigned with the business being handled. With their experience and expertise, they control the productivity and outcome of a team. The middle level managers carry on the orders given by the top level. These personnel have less experience than the top level but more than the lower level of the team. The lower level comprises the frontline soldiers who execute what they have been ordered.

If we look at a family, there is no such level distribution amongst the family members. This distribution is done in a different way. The parents are those who take care of all the other family members. The rest of the members do their own work as assigned. This is where cooperation comes into the picture. If any of the family members does not cooperate with the rest, the entire system will crumble eventually.

Teamwork can be seen everywhere and we can understand how imperative it is to achieve goals. It is extremely important. Whether it is a small business or a huge organization, teamwork is important. The prime elements of teamwork are coordination and cooperation.

Every element in a team will need to coordinate and cooperate with the rest of the team so that the workflow is maintained aptly. All the members should understand the importance of teamwork and contribute to it as per the directions given. A well-coordinated team is more productive. The outcome is extremely and unusually constructive. Companies design a team by filling the positions with the most suitable team players with apt experience in their fields.

Teamwork enlists a level of enthusiasm in a person. Moreover, it essential to save time, as groups of people work on specific tasks. Which saves time to a higher extent. Also, it boosts the confidence of a person working in any organization.

Science reinforces the idea that many brains are better than one. The most creative solutions can only come up when there is a level of trust that lets team members ask stupid questions, propose out ideas there and receive constructive criticism.

Teamwork can be considered as a very bright example of showcasing cooperation among different people. It can also help boost the thinking skills of people as they try conquering the ideas of each other and to prove their ideas worth thinking about.

Teamwork should be encouraged amongst all as it increases the spirit of mutuality and friendship amongst the co-members. Development of mutual understanding amongst the people, helps in the sharing of ideas amongst the colleagues, and helps in establishing a sober relationship amongst all.

But even working in a team, has some disadvantages. As people disagree with each other’s opinions, these cause conflicts among them. This destroys the bonding amongst the members of the team. Everyone tries to prove that their opinion or decision is the best one amongst all. They do not allow the others to say anything about their decision as they feel the others might go against them and express something against them which in turn affects the quality of any outcome in a massive way.

Some people, who are much more selfish and mean than the others, sometimes interrupt the others while they are expressing their point of view on the topic, the team is discussing about. They are basically the less confident ones, who try to prove they are right, by screaming and not letting the others speak their opinion, as they are always afraid, that the majority might get convinced by the logic, their opponent is speaking with.

During a particular meeting, when plenty of people discuss on a particular topic, some people always try to distract the ones concentrating on the topic being discussed to another useless thing, as they themselves do not have any knowledge and cannot provide any ideas, concepts or explanations for the matter being discussed.

This sometimes causes frustration amongst the ones who cannot concentrate as they either start feeling useless or incapable of the job they have been assigned or they feel they are too good for the task assigned and deserve a better assignment according to their caliber. They start thinking they do not need to concentrate as they get overconfident and start thinking that they already know everything and hence they do not consider it important to listen to the discussion. Either they start boasting about how smart they are or wrap themselves in their cocoons as they start feeling that whatever they might say would make them a laughingstock of the group.

A different kind of frustration is caused amongst the people who get disturbed by others. These are usually the serious ones who do their assigned jobs passionately and get disturbed by even the slightest noise made by anything. Sometimes they also get upset on being scolded for any mistakes as they start overthinking and blaming themselves for everything. Even sometimes they get angered as they feel like their co-workers never appreciate for their hard work and this can cause grievances to grow in the mind of the team member.

Plenty of times, conflicts arise among the team members, but it is the responsibility of the team leader to resolve the conflict. But, for the leader to be able to interfere in the conflict he or she must have a strong personality to be able to convince the members to stop the conflict.

The leader should be enough capable to be able to set an example in front of his colleagues or team members. He should have leading capability first of all to help him guide his or her team members successfully. The leader should be serious enough while doing his work and should have enough knowledge about the topic his or her members are working on. But he or she must not seem terrifying to his or her team members as then they will not have enough confidence. The leader should be amiable enough to also be able to understand his or her colleagues’ problems. He should be able to keep his colleagues on track when they try to go astray.

With its advantages and disadvantages, teamwork is the best means of project working, as once Henry Ford said,

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

By Aishi Banerjee

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Team Work

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