Author : Reyna Mary John

Fly Up In The Sky

Fly Up In The Sky I dream of wings with which to flyI will fly high into the sky I’d carry a painting brushand paint everything brightSo I could paintevery fluffy cloud in sight! I’d paint them blueand yellow and greenThey’d be the prettiestyou’ve ever seen! I’d paint the rainbow up in the skyevery single […]

I Am A Woman

I Am A Woman I am a woman to be, there will be changes in meI am a woman to be and everyone will see I am stronger and I’m older, I’m braver and bolderI am a women to be and everyone will see I have good days and bad days, I have happy days […]

Painting The Sea

Painting The Sea When the waves crashed into the sea rocks, my thoughts were foggy. I was lonely. There was nothing to do. So here I am now. Looking around, I caught sight of what looked a little cave on top of those rocky cliffs. I dashed over to it to have a look. It […]

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