My Dad, My Hero

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My Dad, My Hero

My dad is my hero, like an angel from above
Coming to the rescue showing nothing but love

When life takes a unexpected twist
He’s always around like a wizard’s mist

He’s the one I will turn to
When the world starts to feel so blue

Lifting me up when I’m down
His lift off my smile will soon be found

In sun, snow or in rain
He’s been there for me through all the pain.

He is hero who is strong and brave
His courage always makes me so rave

He’s my rock when I stand tall
My zeal when I feel small.

Whenever I’m discouraged
He’s there and my spirits are encouraged.

He’s always there to give support
In good times and bad, no matter the sort

When I’m feeling shy, he’ll lend an ear
And give me the strength to come out of any fear

To never give up, he is a reminder
With his guidance I become a true fighter

I love you Dad, you are my superhero
I will always be with you through and through

By Rachelle L

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My Dad, My Hero

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