The Adventurers : Santa’s Sleigh

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The Adventurers : Santa’s Sleigh

New York City was the home of the greatest explorers on the planet: The Adventurers. A daring duo of incredible prowess and wit, ready to solve mysteries and explore the globe for prized treasures.

Ayaan and  Aayra had gone on many adventures around the world, from the topmost peaks of Everest to the dark depths of the Pacific Ocean.

With Christmas upcoming, even the Adventurers were well involved in getting ready for the holiday season. So was everyone else. But one afternoon, they received a phone call from the Mayor.

“Adventurers, I need your help.” said the mayor. “Citizens of New York City have reported a mysterious flying object over their houses every night in the past week. And with Christmas and everything, they simply won’t stop asking about it. Can you help me?”

“The Adventurers are on the case.” said  Ayaan, putting down the telephone.

Ayaan and Aayra had to find more information about this flying object. It seemed that everyone around them had heard about it. But they got crucial information in a talk with Cookie: the owner of Sweet Treats Bakery.

“All my customers have heard about it.” said Cookie. “Either from a neighbor or a friend, or some relative or the other. Few have even claimed to see it themselves.”

“What did they describe?” questioned  Aayra, taking out her favorite notebook.

“They all said the same thing.” said Cookie. “It’s old Kriss Kringle on his sleigh, isn’t it? With Prancer, Vixen, and the rest of his reindeer armada? Those people are on the warpath, Adventurers. They will stop at nothing to reveal his existence to the world.”

“A sleigh?” questioned Ayaan, disbelievingly. “Are you pulling my leg, Cookie?”

“I’m dead serious.” said Cookie, firmly. “They’re all in unison about it. Another night, and things could spiral out of control.”

After  Aayra had noted all this in her notebook, they bought a chocolate donut, and waving good-bye to Cookie, left the bakery. They decided to stay awake and find the real culprit behind the mystery.

So that night, which was also coincidentally the night before Christmas, The Adventurers were on their roof, hidden behind their chimney pot, and waiting silently for the “sleigh” to make an entrance.

Their patience was rewarded, as in a matter of minutes, the tinkling of bells could be heard, as well as the braying of reindeer.

As they looked up, they could see clearly Santa’s sleigh making a dive. They slowly lowered their heads, as it passed their roof.

Just then, they spotted the people on the sleigh. Their arch-enemies Mack and Vik were on the sleigh. ‘The Evil Explorers’ had returned once more.

But to add chaos to the tale, at that very moment, old Father Christmas himself appeared, looking as if he was trying his level best to keep up with the sleigh.

“Santa!” cried Aayra, shocked. “What is the meaning of this?”

Santa was panting, and trying to catch his breath. When he felt alright, he chose to answer Aayra’s question.

“Mack and Vik were poking their nose in my business too much, trying to take videos and reveal my existence to the whole, wide, world. Must have forgotten that was what made Christmas so magical. They stole my sleigh, and one of my rare potions from the restricted area. Now, the reindeers are under a spell to obey only their command. Ergo, this.”

The sleigh came back in view, as they all ducked for cover, and it very narrowly missed them. Mack let out one of his evil cackles, as the sleigh took a swift turn.

“How can we remove the spell?” questioned Ayaan, noticing the white, empty eyes of the reindeer, clearly brain-washed by the evil explorers.

“With a carrot.” said Santa, in a voice that suggested this was the most obvious answer on the planet. “Reindeer love carrots. Spell or no spell, they will be attracted by the smell, and come close to me, giving me a chance to remove the spell.”

“Good plan.” said Aayra. “Why isn’t it working?”

“You see…” said Santa, in a slightly embarrassed voice. “I’m not exactly in the best shape at the moment. And every time I try to get the carrot near them, Mack and Vik stop them from taking it, and then taunt me. We need a distraction.”

“Mack! Vik!” shouted Ayaan, getting their attention. “That sleigh doesn’t belong to you. Give it back to Father Christmas.”

“We stole it fair and square.” laughed Vik. “Accept defeat, Adventurers. Because it will be us, and not you, who will reveal Santa to the world.”

“And ruin the magic of Christmas.” said Ayaan. “I’m not letting you.”

Vik sneered, and gestured for Mack to pull the reindeer’s reins. The reindeer brayed and dive-bombed towards Ayaan, falling into his trap.

Quick as a flash, Ayaan jumped into the sleigh, catching both Mack and Vik by surprise. Taken aback, they didn’t pay attention to the reindeer.

The reindeer at the front brayed, as Aayra dangled the carrot in front of them. Opening their mouth, they lunged for the carrot, as Santa jumped from behind and pointed his staff at them.

The counter-spell flew from within his magical staff and onto the reindeer. Immediately, they became free of the spell, and began to jerk the sleigh. Mack and Vik lost their footing and fell from the sleigh, cursing angrily and vowing to return.

“I am most grateful to you, Adventurers.” said Santa, beaming. “If not for you, Mack and Vik might have ruined Christmas forever.”

“Won’t they tell the world about you, then?” questioned Aayra.

“Of course they won’t.” said Ayaan. “Without the sleigh, they’d have no proof, and nobody would believe them. Santa’s secret is safe for now.”

“You know, Adventurers?” said Santa, getting on his sleigh. “Other than on Christmas, I don’t need this sleigh very much, and it seems that your need exceeds my own. As a mark of my gratitude, I now deem this sleigh as yours.” Ayaan and Aayra thanked Santa for his generous gift, and slowly patted the reindeer. With a cheer of “Ho, Ho, Ho!” Santa’s sleigh took off from the roof and into the night sky.

By Ayaan Chettiar

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The Adventurers : Santa’s Sleigh

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