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The Invasion


My name is Ryan Underwood.I am 13 years old.I am a student at Willsbough Academy,New York.During lunch time,I sell chewing gums in the school cafeteria with my best friend and business partner Aaron for some few extra change. After school,me and Aaron would go to my place and we would play video games for hours.This used to be my normal life until a week ago but something horrible happened that changed my life forever…

Chapter 1 – The Start

It was a normal sunny afternoon in New York.Me and Aaron were wandering around the city looking for something fun to do.I was just looking at the sky when I saw a dim figure in the sky that I was certain was an alien spaceship.I thought that I must be dreaming and I asked Aaron if he saw something too.He said”Yea,it looks like a high tech spaceship to me”.It came closer and closer.It was a luxurious looking black spaceship with no one driving it.It landed on the street and a man came out of it.I looked closer and I realised that it was not a man but a monster with 5 legs.It was terrifying.It had a black face and red eyes filled with anger and hatred.More of them started coming out of the spaceship and the fact that all of them looked the same was even more terrifying.The monsters were slowly exiting the spaceship.Me and Aaron decided to make a run for it.We ran and ran until we could not.There was fire everywhere behind us.We stopped at an alley near our house to rest as we were completely out of energy.We saw Noah, one of our classmates.We had never talked much with him as he was always quiet.He saw us and smiled.We asked him if he saw the monsters and he said yes.He suggested us that they should form a group to survive the monsters. We accepted his offer and we decided to rest for some time.

Chapter 2 – A strange dream

I woke up.I heard a deep,cold voice say”Report”.A stuttering voice replied”M-Master the boy had d-d-disappeared when we exited t-the spaceship..The cold voice said.”You have disappointed me and you know what happens to those who disappoint me.I heard an evil laugh and a cry full of pain.I woke up with a start and I realised I was shivering.Aaron and Noah were still sleeping.I woke them up.I told them about my dream and they just laughed thinking I was stupid to believe in dreams.I felt a surge of relief after I heard Aaron’s infectious laugh.I started to laugh and thought I was silly for believing in dreams and boy,was I wrong.

Chapter 3 – We play a dangerous game of hide and seek

We had a big argument on what to do next.Long story short,we decided to go to my house after a long brawl.On they way,we noticed that all of the houses were abandoned and there was no signal on my phone either.We were creeped out.We reached my house safely.It looked abandoned and the lights were all turned off.Only the television was on and I saw the man from my dreams,the master of the monsters.He was a green,pale man with tentacles all over his body.He had sharp claws and red bloodthirsty eyes.I could feel fear even when the monster wasn’t near me.It was like the monster could radiate fear even from the other side of the t.v. screen.I was shivering.Aaron and Noah were shivering too.The monster said,”My name is Anos.The creator of this accursed world filled with greedy,primitive species called ‘humans’.I have tolerated the greediness of humans for a long time but this is the end of the line.I created this planet and I will be the one to end it.All of you shall participate in the survival games.All those who decline will die immediately.Forming teams is allowed.There will be no other rules.Sign the contract that will appear in front of you after this ‘telecast’ as you beings call it.Only those who do not get found during the night shall survive and shall get a second chance in life on the planet of Mars to create a better world unlike this accursed world that you have created.The land cries due to soil erosion.The air is dead due to too much pollution.The already scarce fresh water is so polluted that almost all of it is undrinkable.This will be a game of hide and seek.The seekers will come to find you in 1 hour time after this podcast.Survive and create a better world.Good luck.”…

Chapter 4 – A new member.A friend or enemy?

The podcast ended.I could not believe my eyes when three contracts and a pen appeared on our desk.Me and Noah signed our contracts but Aaron hesitated.He sat on the sofa.He said,”What if this is a trap?What if they are tricking us into signing it?”.I told him that he was just overthinking and needs to calm down.After a few minutes of persuading and promises he finally signed it.I said”We should get weapons to defend ourselves.Lets get some knives from the kitchen and hope we do not have a opportunity to use them”.We went to the kitchen and got ourselves our weapons.We went to the threshold of my house.We nodded to each other and set out on an adventure.I had the urge to walk like the ninjas from my favourite cartoon show but I had to stop myself as this was serious and we needed to hurry if we wanted to survive.Suddenly,a teenager showed up next to us and stopped us.He said he wanted to join us and he knew a good place to hide.He introduced himself as Aiden.He seemed suspicious because his left hand was always in his pocket and he wore a mask to hide his face.We decided on letting him join but did not trust him enough to go the place he suggested as it might be a trap.I asked that why isn’t it safe to just hide in a house,lock the doors and call it a day.Aiden replied,”Use your brain kiddo.The aliens came in a high tech spaceship.They had technology to construct the spaceship.Will they not know how to open a door lock without a key or just blast every house they see with a rocket launcher.I said”You are right but come on you don’t have to be rude about it.We decided to hide in a beach cabin on the beach near Noah’s house.It was 1km away.A message flashed on the Billboard near us.’Five minutes remaining’.Aaron said,”Alright ready to run a marathon guys?”.I replied,”My pleasure”.

Chapter 5 – A night in a cabin

As soon as we saw the Billboard say 4:57 seconds remain,we ran so fast that I thought we should apply to be a Marvel superhero.I think we overdid it a little as we reached the beach with 3 whole minutes remaining.As soon as we stopped my legs felt like jelly.Completely ignoring Aiden’s advice to avoid hiding in houses,we went into the cabin near the shore.There were a total of 21 cabins.They were so small that only 3 people would fit inside one.We decided to split in groups of two as it was too risky to put 3 people in one cabin.Also,I was sure that no one would volunteer to go alone.In groups of two however if one groups gets caught the other could survive.The groups were me and Aaron and Noah and Aiden but Noah didn’t want to go with Aiden so I was left in a cabin with a suspicious person I didn’t know that was only in our group as he was a good strategist.He grumbled about the cabin being too small but after five minutes of intense boxing,he settled for the right corner.Luckily I had found some food in my kitchen.I l still had the knife I found in my pocket and as soon as my head hit the ground I fell asleep.I woke up in the middle of the night.It was a cold,silent night.I do not recommend sleeping in a cabin if you are:-

A. Claustrophobic
B. Scared of darkness
C. If you don’t like sleeping on hard concrete floor that makes your head ache so hard you would think you fell from a cliff.

Chapter 6 – An unpleasant surprise

I fell asleep again and woke up during what seemed like sun rise.I looked out of the window.I saw a monster saying”Time is up and you have won” in a robotic voice.A man came running out of an nearby cabin and went to the monster.He said”Ha!You couldn’t find me.Take me to the planet now.”.”Another found”.It was a trap.I felt sorry for the man.I woke Aiden up.He looked outside and said it’s morning now and suddenly we were in a spaceship.We met Aaron and Noah in the room.The master of the monsters,the person behind all this came.I expected something like “Congrats you won”.The monster said,”Only four of you survived.”.He took of his mask and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw my father who had vanished off the face of the Earth 2 years ago.He said”Don’t think I am evil son.Humans were flawed,greedy creatures as I saw 2 years ago when a gangster killed a lady in cold blood for some money.I was determined to kill all of humanity but I just couldn’t knowing they were still many good people left in the world.I thought more will survive.Lets create a better world”.I was too shocked to say anything as the spaceship destroyed Earth and set course for a planet named Volaoska.

By Saujanya Agarwal

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The Invasion

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