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That Table

Ruby was good at everything. A bright person, intelligent astoundingly well in sports, including acing every subject in school. Blue eyes, soft baby skin, straight black hair, bright smile and a flowery scent. She had it all, most thought. One strange thing that Ruby could see was a thin red string attached to random people’s hands. She mostly ignored those. Until she saw her school teacher having one and disappearing the next day. Although that happened Ruby didn’t think much of it.

Most knew of her as ‘the perfect girl’ but only one, her childhood best friend, had seen her true personality. No matter how perfect she was at school or anywhere for that matter, she was never good enough for either of her parents. She wasn’t appreciated by her mother, despite that her mother was never there for her. For instance, during her 3rd grade piano performance. Being a child of divorced parents, neither of her parents were “available” for her. Ruby, having extra classes and tuitions also has extracurricular activities. Her doing all that work and managing her time made her feel like she’d rather die than do any of her work. She was never social, or even talked much, but people still liked her mysterious personality. She was wanted by all, including the principal herself. Despite this, her college days weren’t the best but she left all that behind her and started a new life with a husband and two children.

Although her husband didn’t have the best mental state, the both of them loved each other very much. Sebastian, Ruby’s husband, had Dissociative Identity Disorder, which is more widely known as DID. DID can form because of many reasons, trauma, abuse, etc. Sebastian had DID from a young age because of his trauma. Which didn’t let his personality develop in a proper manner. Sebastian was severely bullied and critiqued when he was very young. Always being told what to do and what not to do, “don’t do this it isn’t manly” “don’t cry it isn’t manly” While he got bullied just because he was of another race than others. His parents were sly, two-faced, and artful. They acted like the most caring parents on earth in front of others, but in person, they were the most mentally abusive parents ever. This was another cause for Sebastians DID. Sebastian mainly had 4 personalities including his present self. Parkerthe one who’s protective over his family as well as himself. Theon, that one idiot. Matthew, the most loving husband out

Sebastian was one of the best looking people in town. With soft brown hair, obsidian eyes, chiseled face and a sculpted body. Most thought of him as the perfect family man, a comfortable home, prosperous business, a striking wife and two adorable children. The perfect family right? Until Ruby saw a red string on Grace, her first child’s finger. At first she thought it was something she did in school that day.

That was not the case, because Grace went missing. The next day, Ruby woke up to only Gabriela on the bed. Panicked, she woke her up, asking her where her sister went, only to know that Gabriela only heard a little laugh, which she thought of as a dream that her sister had. Now even more agitated, she goes to find Sebastian, who was reading the newspaper at the time. Who was also mortified at the thought of one of their children missing. The only thing on their mind was Grace. They made breakfast and sent Gabriela to school. After doing so, they sped to the police station and filed a missing person complaint.

While coming back home, Ruby smelled something foul in the trunk of the car. She asked Sebastian, “Love, why do I smell something foul in the trunk of our car? Like the smell of something rotting away” Stuttering he replies N-nothing honey, d-don’t worry about it must be some apples that P-parker probably forgot about don’t worry!” She snaps her head to look at him, and says “You never stutter like that. Are you lying to me? Is something wrong?” He nods his head in a ‘no’ and replies “N-nothing! I-i mean, i’m not hiding anything, what do you mean?” Ruby got worked up, quite literally screaming in his ear “Alright then! I’ll believe you this one time.” Sebastian sighed a breath of relief.

That night, Ruby was so paranoid that Gabriela would also go missing she insisted on sleeping together for the night. Although she did trust her husband, she was still suspicious of him. She wanted to check the trunk of theirs but she slept even before the thought of checking it.The next day, Ruby was running late to work and had to grab some files from their basement. While going there, she had a weird gut feeling that something was wrong. Also she could smell the same thing that was in their car, a weird horrid foul smell. Before entering she heard maniacal laughter, which seemed to be Sebastian’s voice. The moment she entered, she found Grace’s head lying on the table right beside her files. She was mortified and couldn’t speak or scream. The more horrifying thing was her aunt’s body, who had talked wrong to you right beside Grace’s body. And Ruby was next.

By Hiranmayee Iyer

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That Table

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