My Hero – My Grandfather

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My Hero – My Grandfather

There have been many fond memories of a person since my childhood, my grandfather. My grandfather was a ever-courageous and strong man. I called him ‘Ajoba’ in Marathi. I remember the evenings when I and grandpa used to stroll down in our society and we fed the stray dogs with biscuits.

His strong and firm hand always held my hand in such evenings and when he cuddled me. On not finding his spectacles, he used to call me for help. I, being a junior Sherlock Holmes in those days, found then either in one of the drawers or on his dressing table. He was proven to be the kindest person when I saw him bringing home a teenage girl working at a nearby supermarket and giving her breakfast.

Often times I feel emotional when I realize that ‘My Hero’ is not with me anymore. Grandpa was proud of every single achievement of mine and even appreciated me in front of our guests. He was a man built up by many difficulties and challenges in his life. Qualities, no less than of a lion, were in him.

Years passed and this lion grew old. Yes, my grandfather had started getting ailments then. He was a diabetic patient but craved for ice creams and deserts just like young children. My father always forbade grandpa from eating ice cream at family functions but my grandpa was a man of his own will. Several times he experienced fits and my parents had to rush to the hospital. Just like a brave warrior returns home from the battlefield, he used to come back from the hospital after a few days. The situation once was so serious and delicate that he was put on a ventillator. And we all had lost hopes of his life. There is the game-changer, grandpa returned once again with his wrinkled but smiling face, and a weak body. Before a few months of his leave, he was sick. But he got better in a few months.

Then came the worst day of my family members’ and even my life. The morning was horrible when I suddenly woke up and heard loud sounds of weeping and heavy sobbing from my hall. I went out and was shocked to hear what my mother told me. She said,’Ajoba is no more’. I got to know the whole thing that happened that morning. My mother told me that when my Father was taking grandpa to the hospital, grandpa had said,’Take care of this family.I will not return now.’ and he was true about his words. This was the most disheartening thing for me. My father, felt extremely sad for he lost his teacher,guide and philosopher.

Even now, in his absence I feel him around me and also feel the blessings that he is bestowing on us. If I ever get a chance to speak to him again, I would say,’ Ajoba, You were a Hero,You are a Hero, and You will be a Hero forever’.

By Leera Nitawane

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My Hero – My Grandfather

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