The Encounter

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The Encounter

It stay still, ready to pounce any second. Its green gleaming eyes shone in the darkness. Its soft beige fur slightly rustled with the cool breeze. Lisa let out a stifled cry and softly clung to the walls of the cave. Well as soon as she thought about the tiger, it let a ferocious growl, the tiger was in front of her! What would she do now?

Before Lisa’s encounter with the tiger, she was at home, rapidly packing her backpack with supplies for the journey. Lisa had received a call from her friend, who was leaving town forever for urgent circumstances and she had to meet her friend for one last time. Lisa’s friend lived at the opposite side of a jungle. Lisa had to cross that jungle. It was 7 in the morning and a cool breeze swept around. It was autumn and lots of leaves had fallen down. Crimson, purple, brown different colors of leaves made the ground dirty but colorful. As Lisa walked, the leaves made a crunching sound along with the orchestra of chirping birds. There was a canopy of trees above her head, causing the sunlight to fall through the gaps. The wind danced along with some leaves.

By now, Lisa had walked a great distance and was fatigue and famished. She had packed some delicious snacks and decided to enjoy then near a lake (which was close by). A big smile appeared on her face, she had always enjoyed lakeside picnics. The moist smell of mud reminded her about her trip to the beach, near the waves. The gentle, lapping along with the soft falling leaves, made a hypnotic melody. Lisa happily munched her snacks. The sky was completely reflecting over the clear lake. The clouds had no place in the morning sky as the majestic Sun reigned supreme. The colors of the blue, clear sky blended perfectly with the colors of the Sun. It was ineffable beauty. Lisa decided to get up and continue her journey.

Next, Lisa had to cross the cave. As she entered, she had heard the tiger growling. The tiger was in front of her! Right now, she was very anxious and clung to the cave’s walls. Lisa didn’t dare to breath and her heart pounded loudly on her chest. She had to cross the cave somehow. Well, she had no clue about her escape plan. On the spot, she got an idea. Some of her snacks were left and one of them was a big meat sandwich. She removed the sandwich gingerly from her bag and threw it towards the tiger. Well the tiger hungrily was eating the sandwich. Lisa silently crept out of the cave before the tiger finished the sandwich. Lisa, outside the cave gave a sigh of relief and moved on.

Finally, Lisa reached her friend’s house. She gave out a happy cry and met her friend. The two friends chattered and enjoyed themselves. It was sunset time now and the flaming crimson and orange ball was going down. The clouds were more visible and Lisa stared at the sky, thinking of her adventure. Luckily, she could skip her adventure of the way back, as she was staying at her friend’s house for a day. Lisa could never forget her adventure.

By Divisha

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The Encounter

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  1. Divisha very well written. So well expressed. Great language and good choice of words. Will look forward to read many more such stories.

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