The Bold Bear

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The Bold Bear

Once upon a time there was a bold bear but his tail was hairy, He was confused because his body was bold and his tail was very hairy, All his friends was mean to him. One morning a rich man walked past the bear, the bear thought the man wont see him so he just sat there, The rich man went back because he did see the bold bear and looked at him and thought ‘should | keep him’ after a short thought he said out loud ‘should | keep him?’. The rich man picked up the big, bold bear with the hairy tail in his strong arms because the rich man was very strong, he held the bold bear tight so he wont run away and took the bold bear home to the rich mans house. The rich man spoke to the bear and said ‘you are cold aren’t you?’ the bold bear nodded his head to say yes, the rich man took the bear to the bathroom and set the water temperature to 9, so the bold bear wont be cold anymore.

The bold bear told the rich man that other bears called him bold bear, in shock the rich man shouted ‘OH MY GOD YOU CAN TALK” the big, bold bear replied saying ‘Well yes | can talk’ in surprise the rich man asks ‘are you magic?’ the bold bear replied with ‘No’ so the rich man asked in shock ‘so h…h…how are you talking?’ the bold bear answered ‘I don’t know I just can’ all night the bold bear and rich man spoke to each other, the next morning, the bold bear went to bear school, the bold bear with the hairy tail didn’t feel right to be there, the bold bear was scared, so. scared of the way he looked, being bold with a hairy tail was a scary sight, but with shock another bear came over the bold bear and asked ‘ Hi are you new to this school? And can we be friends?’ although the bold bear was scared to make friends, the bold bear with the hairy tail said ‘Yes, other bears call me bold bear whats your name?’ The other bear replied with a soft voice saying ‘we are now friends my name is Milly’ they spent the rest of the school together and getting to know each other.

At the end of his first day of bear school he went home, he told the rich man that he was very happy today, but one thing the bear wanted to know was the rich mans name. The bold bear asked the rich man ‘What is your name?’ the rich man replied ‘you really want to know my name?’ the bear replied with an excited ‘Yes’ so the rich man finally revealed his name to the bold bear as ‘James’ and the bold bear with excitement replied ‘that’s a nice name’.

Just before bed time the bear brushed his teeth, and said ‘goodnight James’, out of nowhere The rich man said the the bold bear ‘please don’t call me James,’ the bold bear was confused and asked why, the rich man replied ‘that is my real name and | think you should call me dad, daddy or father from now on’ the bear was happy and asked the rich man if he was serious? The rich man said ‘Yes | am’ and the bold bear and the rich man had a great big cuddle.

There was a lot still to learn about each other and as days went by they got to know each other they liked each other even more. But what the bold bear didn’t know is that the rich man was magic. Just like other days, he went to school and got to know milly and came home to the rich man and spoke about the day, brushed his teeth, kiss the rich man goodnight and go to bed. Every day is the same routine over and over again, but one day the bold bear didn’t go to school, the bold bear was surprised and asked the rich man ‘father why am I not going to school?’ the rich man said to him ‘well every couple of weeks you get to have the weekend off’ the bear was surprised and said ‘oh I didn’t know that’.

Days went by and it finally came the day where it was the bold bears birthday, but because the bold bear was a animal he had never celebrated the day he was born, when the bear got out of bed he was surprised to see some decorations up and a warm welcome from the rich man, with the rich man shouting ‘Happy birthday’ the bear was shocked and spluttered ‘what’ the rich man explained to the bear that it was his birthday and the bear could only respond with ‘oh ok’ and although the bold bear and the rich man had lived together for some time now, when the rich man gave a card to the bold bear the name is blank, confused the bold bear asked ‘why is this blank’ the rich man stated that he had never asked the bolds bear real name and finally came to ask the question’ bold bear what is your name?’ you want to know my name? said the bear. The rich man replied with ‘Yes’ the bear was embarrassed because he was never given a name, so the rich gave a pen to the bear and asked him to fill in the blank with his name he would like to be called… after a short minute the name that popped into the bears head is ‘bobby’ so the bold bear wrote in the blank space Bobby, the rich man was so happy that he finally got to know the bold bears real name and for the birthday dinner they invited bold bears friend Milly over and had bold bears best dinner Lasagne and potato smiley faces and on the evening enjoyed the biggest cake ever..

By Aviana Goodman

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The Bold Bear

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