Little Reyansh’s Big Fall Vacation

Little Reyansh BIg Fall Vacation - Little Authors

Little Reyansh’s Big Fall Vacation

Today I was so excited to hear from teacher that we have 2 weeks’ vacation. I live in Germany for 1 year and this year it’s so special since I started my school for my 1st grade and got many new friends.

But unfortunately, I cannot see them for next 2 weeks. I had lot of plans for vacation. To start off, I went to Essen for light festival with my parents. It was so beautiful and colourful. I enjoyed a lot.

In between, I got lost and missed my parents because of the crowded streets and got scared. I did not know how to find them. I felt crying but I thought I should be strong and bold, and my mother always said when there is a problem, we should never cry but instead find a solution for the problem.

But while I was thinking how to find my parents, my parents found me. I was so happy and hugged them. And my parents said whenever its overcrowded always hold our hands. Later we went to church and prayed. Then we had food in a Thailand restaurant. I tried it for first time. We enjoyed the food, and we went back to home.

My vacation was so nice. I did a lot of things like I went to park, did drawing, painting. I have read some books and watched a movie. Now I am waiting to meet my school friends back.

Moral: Kids should always be strong and bold. When there is a problem try to find a solution instead of crying.

By Reyansh Prasad

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Little Reyansh’s Big Fall Vacation

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