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Super Mario – Movie Review

Yesterday my dad, my brother and me went to a movie called The Super Mario Movie. It was created by Illumination and Nintendo.

The movie was about a man called Mario trying to find his lost brother Luigi, who fell into a sewer pipe. Mario randomly got teleported to another dimension or universe. In that universe, one can get di erent power ups by hitting a yellow box with a question mark symbol. If one hits such a box, he will get a mushroom with super powers. If one gets hit, the power will fade away. There are many di erent superpowers one can get. This dimension has mushrooms everywhere. Some of them are poisonous and some of them are not. There is also a monkey kingdom called Kong.

Mario meets a princess called Peach and a mushroom called Toad. Luigi was trapped by a villain called Bowser. Mario, Princess and Toad went to the Kong army and asked for their help. They got the army and went to find Bowser. After a long search, they found him. They had a huge fight and Mario won!!! Luigi and Mario were back

My favorite part of the movie is when they had the big fight. Mario and Luigi hit a very strong powerup and they both beat up Bowser. Bowser wanted to come strong too so he hit a powerup and he turned very small. The princess put him in a jar which was very funny to look at. I enjoyed it very much.

I really liked the movie because the animation was so cool and the story made sense. The movie was great. I would recommend watching it.

By Hayagreev Aravindhan

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Super Mario – Movie Review

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