Spotty And Tabby

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Spotty And Tabby

In a small house near the edge of the town lived a mouse called Spotty. He was brown all over except for a small white patch on his head. The owner of the house knew about Spotty but ignored him. Spotty was very careful not to spoil any food in the house and only ate scraps that we lying around.

Things were going fine till the time the neighbours got a cat named Tabby. Now Tabby could smell Spotty but could’nt do anything since it was not in his house. Each day it wou;d sit near the window and growl at Spotty whenever he saw him.

Spotty was very careful to avoid Tabby.

One day Spotty saw a small piece of cheese in the garden, he got greedy and ran towards it. Little did he know that the cheese was put by Tabby who was waiting for him to come. As soon as Tabby saw Spotty near the cheese it pounched on him. Luckily for Spotty the cat missed.

Spotty ran for his dear life towards his house and ran in between the legs of his owner who was sweeping the floor. Tabby ran after the mouse and dashed with the owner. The owner fell to the ground on top of Tabby. Poor cat was nearly squashed. The owner got up and gave Tabby a thrashing with her broom.

“Get out, you naughty cat. Get out of my house” she shouted.

Now it was Tabby’s turn to run for his life. As soon the cat ran out of the house, the owner closed the door.

Spotty saw the cat running out of the house and heaved a sigh of relief.

He promised himself never to be greedy again and vowed to remain inside the house forever.

By Tamid Rahman

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Spotty And Tabby

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