Author : Tamid Rahman


Exams Exams are almost here And everyone is freaking out Everywhere there is so much fear Is there no way out? Sometimes the exams we write We don’t use in our future life But still we study every night Every day we mug up, we strife But no, we still have to give Everyone says […]

Spotty And Tabby

Spotty And Tabby In a small house near the edge of the town lived a mouse called Spotty. He was brown all over except for a small white patch on his head. The owner of the house knew about Spotty but ignored him. Spotty was very careful not to spoil any food in the house […]

Let’s Be Friends

Let’s Be Friends Would you like to be my friend?That would so fine! We’ll run around the parkAnd play till the sun shines We’ll tell stories in the darkAnd I will share everything that is mine We’ll walk to school togetherAnd share our lunches too I promise I won’t be a botherI am just happy […]

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