Origin Story – The Rainbow

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Origin Story – The Rainbow

Here is a story about how the rainbow was created. According to the myth, there was a messenger named Iris who worked for the gods. Iris was known for her great speed, and she was able to travel from one end of the world to the other in the blink of an eye. She was often sent on important missions by the gods, and she always carried with her a beautiful, multicolored bow.

The bow was a symbol of Iris’s power and her connection to the gods. It was said to be made of the purest, most radiant colors, and it shone with a bright, otherworldly light.

One day, the god Zeus became angry with a group of humans who had displeased him. In his rage, he sent a great storm to punish them. The storm raged for days, with lightning and thunder shaking the earth.

As the storm raged on, Iris appeared in the sky, her multicolored bow held high. She used the power of her bow to calm the storm, and the lightning and thunder began to fade away.

As the storm dissipated, the sun emerged from behind the clouds, and its rays shone through the raindrops that still hung in the air. The raindrops acted as tiny prisms, refracting the sunlight into a spectrum of beautiful colors. And so, the rainbow was born.

From that day on, the rainbow became a symbol of hope and peace, reminding people that even in the darkest of times, there is always a way forward.

By Lucas Brown

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Origin Story – The Rainbow

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