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Home Sweet Home

A house, though an ordinary building but still how families make it as their own home. It provides them shelter and which is one of the basic amenities of our life. People never bother it and its importance but after they have it no more or is far away from the house, they realises the need of a house. It too has some feelings. Let’s see what a house say about its evolution.

“Hi! I’m a small brown simple dimple kutcha house. A few group of men built me using just mud and leaves. I was all alone until when a family came and started living in me. It seems they were homo sapiens and new learners of making a house. But I really like how they made me with I guess proper perfection. Not only the small family was leaving in me but also little little friends like ants, flies, spiders, lizards, rats etc. I saw them all taking good care of me by cleaning daily and decorating with plants. There was a little girl & a little boy who ran around everyday here and there. They fetched leaves or something else to eat. Their mother cooked those on fire and they ate.

The family wore leaves in the beginning, big ones but I saw them slowly improving. They learnt to make fabric and woved those into cloth which they used to wrap around themselves. All of the people also learnt to make wheels which brought a drastic change to their lives as I could see. One day the old parents who were living in me bought a cart for their children & after few days left the world. The children grew elder playing all day and the boy went away taking the cart to another place. He left a lot of precious stones for his sister.

All of us are living happily and that girl made beautiful arts on me. One day she got married to a young man and they made me into a nice hut. I had a nice brown gate and airy rooms and a lot of new stuffs like wells, shelves etc. The two potted many plants and trees surrounding me. I saw that the brother came sometimes to see his sister living happily or not. After a couple of years a baby girl took birth. She was heavenly sweet and loved playing hide and seek with her friends. Her name was Leena. She did all what her mother said to do and then in her spare time she used to sit beside me and whispered with me. She grew up into a kind hearted girl and helped everyone who were needy. Leena bought a nice big chariot and went away with her parents for there was drought then.

For two or three years I was alone, nobody played with me nor talked neither I could see little children around. Just me and few of my ants and spider friends. I got a new hope as few men were passing by me and talking about my location and moreover beauty of mine. They rebuilt me into a huge, massive palace. The king and the queen were brought in a palanquin along with their little prince. Everytime there was an utter chaos and people were going in & out after discussing about their problems to the king. I was looking very nice with marbles put on my floors and decorated with gems and diamonds. Everybody else admired me too.

That rich king’s kingdom spread in different faraway places. All the citizens knew about my beauty. But that happiness didn’t stayed for long. After some years almost everything was collapsed for a terrible earthquake. I had half broken down and the king and his Kingdom were all destroyed. They were no more and I too was in a position of collapsing.

But after many many years, a crowd of people came here and surveyed. They started a construction and renovated each and every single houses including me of course. Now I turned into a nice tall house with huge windows and huge doors just like a monument. A big traditional joint family lived, a rowal one I suppose. Everyday they had great feast and invited thousands of people. They were a total of thirty members in the family, too much big I say. They wore very very expensive clothes and looked very royal. Anyway they were nice and I liked them.

But again the same thing, they left me, the royal house and settled down with their children differently in separate small houses. I was sold once more. I saw an Indian family coming. They bought and changed me into a small house for them to live, within a number of days. I suppose they loved plants and animals a lot and always kept pets with them, potted plants all around me & also coloured me green. That was quite fun!

Many generations of them stayed inside me for decades. Then came a short sweet lovable family, the name of their little girl was Sara, I knew that. She was the first person I came to know who loved me more than she loved herself. She gave me a wonderful nickname ‘Home Sweet Home’ I loved that. Sara always sticked to me and played around. When she and her family came here, she was just 5yrs old. Now she’s 11yrs old but still loves me a lot. Her extreme wish is to convert me into a smart home next with AI enabled devices. I’m eagerly waiting for that day to come.

Now, the one who took a great trouble to write all about me and my experiences is none other than……..”

“Shhh! Don’t say, it’s absolutely secret. Just remember you’re my lovely ‘Home Sweet Home’.”

By Samriddha Biswas

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Home Sweet Home

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