A Thunder Night To Remember

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A Thunder Night To Remember

Harry and his friends, George and Roman are going for a tour in the forest of Germany where Harry’s grandfather live. When they go there so they decided to go in forest by walk or by cycle. So when they reached in Germany so they got that Harry’s grandfather was waiting for them in the airport so when Harry met to his grandfather so Hug to his grandfather and his grandfather too so his father said oh! My dear children come sit in the car we are going home.

So Harry and both of them sit in the car so when they reached to home so his grandfather said three of you sit here I am just bringing water for three of them, three of you just sit here. So when Harry’s grandfather bring the water so
Harry said that grandfather can we go to the forest so his grandfather said you can go my dear child but come back before night Because the wild animals of there came out after night so come back before and before night the view of there is very beautiful so don’t see too much because I was saying you that come back before night because I was tell you that the wild animal came out after night so you come back before night but Harry and his friend did not come before night.

If you want to know that why Harry and his friend did not come back so read this story thoroughly. We had flight at 4:30 in the evening all road left front of the buildings a few miles later the road divided into two parts. in left side of the road is going for the railway station and the right side of the road was going for the airport so Harry and his friends George , Rohan go to right side after five as they reached to Germany where Harry’s godfather lived to Harry and his Meet the grand father of Harry so they go to the Harry ‘s grandfathers Home so Harry said to his grand father that can we go in the forest grandfather said that you can go to the forest but come back before night because after the night the wild animals came out from cave and or other houses so come back before night and don’t click the photos because the here of photos the world annual can be awake okay grandfather we will come before night .

After few hours they go to the forest but they did not come before night because the view of their was very beautiful so they was clicking the photos and they forgot that they have to come before night and after night to they here some wild animals sound so they scared and they that is the time was 10 p.m. so on that day the year was going fastly and this that was a thunder night from the way where three of them was coming a huge three fall down in front of three of them so on that night a bear suddenly come in front of three of them and jump on the George and the bear was trying to eat George so Harry and Rohan climbed the tree and when both of them climbing so Rohan and Harry take some stones for throw to the bear so when they climbed on the tree both of them was throwing the stones and the bear gone from there and the George very hurt so when they came down from the tree.

They took George to Harry’s grandfather’s house. And when Harry’s grandfather saw three of them so he was happy but when he saw that George is injured he say to Harry that immediately put the George in car and they put in the car after the operation, all three of them started thinking that if only we had listened to Grandpa, George would not have been so bad today.Thats why we should obey our elders.

By Shourya Singh

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A Thunder Night To Remember

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