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O’man what an experience, in the markets of Mutrah Souq,
To the tunnel and shops of adversity,
And stores and the products of variety,
That market was filled with complexity.

O’man what an experience, in the malls of Oman,
From the humungous Oman mall,
And the top star Avenues mall and its sidekick the LuLu mall,
Those malls were amazing.

O’man what an experience, the legacy of the architecture,
Those mosques were amazing, mastering the art of design,
The Sultan Qaboos Grand mosque was that king of design.

O’man what an experience, the uniformity,
Of the people of Oman, hats off cause there’s no discrimination,
The buildings, the elegant white colour and the simple design,
I shall always remember the bliss of Oman!

By Mohammed Uzair

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