India – My Homeland

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India – My Homeland

From Kashmir to Kerala,
From Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh,
Covers the diverse states of India,
Where diversity is always in unity!

From the tall standing Himalayas to the low-lying planes,
From the gushing rivers to the barren desert,
From the high-land plateaus to the tiny islands,
Are the unbelievable landforms of India,

Where everyone will love it dumfounded by its beauty!
From the different dressing of North to the delicious food of the south,
From the seven-sisters of East to the wildlife of West,
There are the equally special regions of India,

Where the vivid cultures are!
From the games, food, dressing sense, tourist places,
to the everything else,
It is the diverse India!

By Mohammed Uzair

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India – My Homeland

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