I’m Proxima Centauri

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I’m Proxima Centauri

Hi! I’m Proxima Centauri,
a little red dwarf star
that lives really far.

I don’t shine very much,
that’s why for long long time I can last
though 10 billion years pass.

I’m so small & a little baby
that nobody could see,
but scientists have made me happy
by discovering me atleast.

The head of the Solar System
my big brother, Sun
quickly all his fuel he run
& his plannings are to leave the place
to go away with his dearest pals,
just to have some fun.

And I float everywhere
whenever, two of my eyes go I travel to there.
But I’m not useless that no one can touch
just for I don’t have light much!
Nobody wants to be my friend
even a hand they don’t lend.

Although I’m happy with whatever I do
for happiness no one can give
it’s found only within you.

By Samriddha Biswas

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I’m Proxima Centauri

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