Her Despair

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Her Despair

She sat on the bathroom floor, when the shower camouflaged her tears,
Little girl who was vague about everything around.

She shut her eyes in complete oblivion, when the glimpses wandered repeatedly in front of her,
Little girl who made everyone smile while her own heart was tattered erstwhile.

She stroked every inch of her skin, when antipathy derived from her veins,
Little girl who was trying to erase the prints, unaware that they never go.

She never knew she was someone to deserve this,
Little girl who did all her best to unite herself from pieces;
But maybe, the universe had other plans…

By Rati Jha

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Her Despair

One thought on “Her Despair

  1. I am genuinely amazed by the amount of talent she has. Her writing is so well articulated and engageble. It’s honestly mind blowing as to how a person of such a young age can write such beautiful and intricate peices of literature. I really hope that she gets more people to notice and understand her art.

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