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Once matchbox in the house was kids nearby,
beside upload candle whose flames went high.

It called the matchbox & said,
“Oh, tiny matchbox like an ant
You’re never oo in some parties grand.
You’re someone to use & throw,
I’m the mighty one who glow & glow!”

Matchbox wasn’t loud when he spoke out,
“Oh dear, you don’t ever know,
without me there’s no one who will make you glow.
Don’t boast so,
We’re equally important you know.”

“I’m not gonna take your advice,
I don’t believe at all whether you’re wise.
You know that I’m much more bright,
& you’re the one who’s the dull light.”

“If you don’t glow,
I help you to show.
My friend, don’t boast,
your place might turn the worst.”

“I’m not a bit bothered about it,
I know what I do,
I’ll never take favour from you,
I use my own wit.”

And went high its burning flickering flames,
came back the electricity & lights turned on just then
the candle shouted & yelped
Matchbox said, “Oh, now go on boasting, my friend!”

By Samriddha Biswas

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