Around The World

Around The World

Around The World

On Friday Eve, Ms. Globe, she said,
To make a map of Geography,
From pictures all over the world,
Fact files were the simple key

When the bell went off, the students scram,
But me and Jack, we stayed quite back,
And thought, “How to go around the world?”
Without a little help from Tinkerbell!

So we raced into the garden shed,
The fairy agreed to help,
Our problems solved, we packed in haste,
Adventure was our only fate!

The zeppelin stood big and strong,
Our journey was to be quite long,
Bidding Bell a quick bye-bye,
We set into the endless skies!

Into Paris, we were meant to go,
Our cheese received a gentle poke,
The Tour Eiffel looked like a star,
My, my, had we but ventured far!

The Egypt sands ahead await,
The Pyramids were worth the wait,
The China Wall stood high and tall,
Us two, we had a real ball!

The Taj Mahal shone white and fine,
Big Ben told us our precious time,
To Ancient Rome, we were but sent,
The Colosseum was in the belt!

The Kremlin was but Russia’s pride,
Khalifa Burg was in Dubai!
Our fun had been a merry tide,
Home we reached into the night!

Monday morn, we ran back into school,
The mind map was our precious tool,
Ms. Globe looked at, we felt anxious,
She gave it an A… Minus!

By Ayaan C

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Around The World

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