An Unknown Creature

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An Unknown Creature

Unknown to many,  Unseen to many,
Unknown if fiction or non-fiction.

Its bear like but it can stand,
Without a grip for the hand.

It looks like a human but with fur,
For it can very loudly gurr.

Its paw is as big as an elephants,
For it’s eaten everything raw.

It has razor sharp claws and teeth,
And it cannot withstand heat.

You might have guessed it lives in the snow,
And its color is white and it’s absolutely right.

Its whereabouts are in India in the lusty Himalayas,
It never fears for it never had a tear in his dusty eye .

You might have a guess it, but you’ll never get an yes for the answer,
For it’s one of a kind. 

By Mohammed Uzair

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An Unknown Creature

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