The Solar System

The Solar System

Today I am going to write about solar system. The ‘sun’ is a big round like a ‘Fire ball’. It gives us heat to every planet. The sun is also called the ‘Big fire star’.

“Mercury” is smallest and first largest Planet from the sun. Mercury has a special feature and that is, when its day time its surface is very hot like fire and when it is night time it surface became very cold like an ice cream.

“Venus” is second largest planet from the sun and do you know that two spaceship had gone to NASA to check that, how is venus surface? So they experienced but there lives were in danger. It was filled by very bad green. Carbon dioxide, it was this much bad that people can’t live there for a second also. A special feature about it that the name venus was given by a god named Venturous.

“Earth” our favourite plant of all. Earth is also called ‘The Blue Planet’ because blue means water, green means land and white means snow.

The earth must rotate around the sun. if the earth stop rotating it will cause harm to our planet. The weather can be very dangerous for living organisms. Eg if the weather is winter then it will change into rain season or summer season, but this will never happen because there is no harm to the outer side of the planet and the third-largest planet in our solar system.

“Mars” the fourth largest planet in the solar system. The surface on mars hot mixes cold due to bad atmosphere the surface is very loose that’s why no one has ever come to mars. The mars also have one more word called “Red Planet”. It is called red planet because the planet is red, if you look closely, you look that the red soil looks the planet red.

“Jupiter” the biggest planet in our solar system from the sun, it is called the fasted, oldest, strongest and heavy it can carry up to 10 million earths in it.

“Saturn” is one of the gas giant planet in our solar system the ring are made up of dust particles and small rocks, no one must come on this planet because It’s very dangerous down.

“Uranus” the seventh planet from the sun. It’s very cold over there are very cold water and cold rain, no one must go there because If anyone goes there they will be sick for eg. You will have high fever and cold.

“Neptune” the last planet from the sun here also no one must go and if you gone you will be very ill and there is more dangerous that if rain came so there will be not the simple water rain the rain will be like “ice rain” it will hurt you a lot.

“Moon” is the special planet, the light we get from the moon is not it’s own light but it given by our hottest friend “Sun” because it is yellow colour the light come to it and make its one colour “white” so the light also comes like that.

This is all about Solar System.

By Swara Mahadik

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The Solar System

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