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Save The Stripes

Have you ever wondered of the most magnificent creature of the whole animal kingdom? I suppose not because that’s the reason why they’re fading away nowadays. It is Tigers! Shocked? Isn’t it? Yes but he’s the majestic one whose beauty is speechless & has absolutely no comparison with even the lions. His colour is the symbol of his unlimited freedom & the power he possesses. The orange hue of his body represents his strength & black, the respect & pride he has in the jungle. One single roar of the tiger paralyzes his preys. But in spite of his might, why is he becoming endangered? Is there a different mystery or a nature’s turn for the destruction & creation?

To begin with, let’s know why are we killing the tigers in the first place? It’s all pride & selfishness. To show off the people that one is extremely brave & powerful, they used to kill tigers in spite of knowing the importance of the natural beauty. In different parts of the world, the skin of tigers are very rare & costly so they were hunted in a rapid speed. In 2015, the number of tigers were around 1500 which drastically dropped down to 500 in 2022 research.

But think about it, isn’t this massive gap being caused due to their disappearance? Wouldn’t it cause an imbalance in the food chain & ecosystem? Yes, of course it would. Tigers act as the primary predators of the jungle who more or less hunts on all kinds of animals like herbivores & other carnivores. This kept the population of herbivores be maintained thus protecting the grass meadows. Even earlier rabbits, deers etc grass eating animals were a nightmare for the farmers as they severely destroyed the whole year’s hardworks in a blink of the eye. And here too tigers do some great favours.

You might wonder how. But see, these great big majestic animals require a massive territory of their own removing the wild dogs, wild pigs, wolves etc away from the jungle. This makes those animals enter the village, hunt on the deers & rabbits preventing them from feeding on the farmer’s crops. Can you imagine how the tigers really help in our nature?

For the tremendous strength of the powerful tigers on 1st April, 1973 he was also chosen as the National Animal of India. The Royal Bengal Tiger depicts the power of India. But as soon as he was selected, the Project Tiger programme was launched due to the illegal poaching of the tigers from the jungles. Many other programmes & schemes were lauched later for the conservation of the wonderful creatures of the forest.

Then how can we save the wondrous creation of nature? Will they at the end become extinct? Or can we overcome the circumstances? Out of 15 varieties of tigers only 5 are left today, specially the Siberian & Royal Bengal tigers. In places like Sundarbans the nature & tigers are worshipped as gods & goddesses by the local people paying respect to them as their fellow servants. But yes, there’s always a ray of hope still twinkling far away.

Till today the Project Tiger Scheme has successfully completed its 50 years of protecting the natural habitat of the tigers which we’re snatching away from them. Some tiger reserves including the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand, Kanha Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal etc are efficiently providing the tigers their own home like environment for their proper growth. Illegal poaching is strictly restricted in those areas leading to a slow & steady increase in the tiger population around the world.

Our little help might help them in taking out their names from the list of endangered species. Tigers are our pride!

By Samriddha Biswas

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Save The Stripes

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