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Magical Treasures

The sun was setting on a small town of Fantasy, casting a warm orange glow across the streets. It was a quiet town with only a few shops. But for 18 year old Elena, it was home. She has lived
in a town Fantasy for entire life, and she loved everything about it from the friendly neighbors to the unique buildings that are lined on the main street.

Elena had just finished her shift at the local restaurant where she worked part time as a waitress. As she was walking home, she noticed a new shop had opened across the street. It was a small antique store with a sign that reads “Magical Treasures”. Elena had always been fascinated by antique articles, so she decided to check it out.

As she stepped inside, she was mesmerized by the smell of old books and dirty objects. The shop had only few lights, with shelves of old camera and jewelry lining the walls. In the back of the store an old women was sitting on a chair, reading a book.

“Greetings”, Elena said, trying not to surprise the woman. The women looked up her eyes piercing and wise. “Hello dear. How can I help you?” “I was just browsing”, Elena said while looking around the store. She noticed a small wooden box on one of the shelves. It was beautifully designed and had a mini lock on it.

“That is a special item”, the women said noticing Elena’s interest. It belongs to a powerful witch who lived in this town several years ago. It is said to contain magical artifacts that can grant massive powers to the person in possession.

Elena raised an eyebrow. “Magic? Really?” The women nodded. “Indeed. But be warned young one. Magic is not to be taken lightly. It can be very dangerous if gone in wrong hands.” Elena hesitated for a moment, but her curiosity got the best of her. She brought the box and walked home, eager to see what was inside.

That night, Elena sat in her room, inspecting the box. She tried to open it but the lock was too strong for her. She searched for the key but couldn’t find it. Angrily, she set the box aside and went to bed.

The next morning, Elena woke up to find the box on her nearby shelf. The lock was open, and the box was empty. She couldn’t remember unlocking the box or talking anything out of it. As she got dressed for school, Elena noticed something strange. Whenever, she moved her hands, small sparks of light would shine around her fingertips. She tried to shake it off, thinking it was just a trick of light, but the sparks continued.

At school, Elena tried to focus on her classes but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was different. She felt stronger, more confident and enthusiastic, like she could take on the world. But she also felt a strange energy within her, like something was not under control. As the day went on, the sparks grew around her fingers, which grew brighter. She couldn’t control them, and couldn’t hide them. Her classmates noticed and began to whisper and point at her. After the school was over, Elena went back to the antique store to talk to the old woman. She narrated her whole incident about what had happened, the women listened to her attentively.

“Oh! I see”, the woman said. “The box has chosen you. It has granted you its powers.” Elena was confused. “What power? What are you talking about?” “The box contains magical artifacts that can give the owner immense powers. But with that power comes a great responsibility. You must use it wisely, or it will trouble you.” Elena asked the woman to tell her more about the magic and how to deal with it. The old woman agreed to help Elena and started teaching her how to tackle magic.

Over the next few weeks, Elena learned everything that she possible could learn about the magic. She learned how to control the sparks of light around her fingers, how to cast spells and moreover how to tap into the power of universe. As Elena grew more powerful, she also became more responsible. She used her magic to help people in the town, healing the sick and protecting the weak people. But she also knew that great power also comes with great danger. She had to be very careful while using the magic and not to let her powers harm her.

But one day, at the school one girl was talking to her friend, “Look, look, how strange and weird Elena is. She has these weird sparks around her fingers. She looks like psychic. I also knew that she was very strange since the beginning.” Elena heard them talking about her. Anger flared through her nostrils. She clenched her hands to control her anger but her emotions got the best of her. She puts a spell on those girls and the next thing she sees, fire all around. The fire alarm goes off. The people started screaming, “Run Run, there is fire in the building.” Everyone was panicking and started running in different directions to save themselves. Most people managed to escape with the little cuts and bruises but some people got badly injured. The fire trucks and ambulance vans arrived on the site. The police started questioning the people to know about the actual source of fire.

Elena panicked and ran out of the site as soon as possible. She managed to make it to the abandoned building. She paced around the place. She murmured to herself, “What did I do? Someone could have died because on me. What have I done? How could I have let this happen?” She picked up some bricks from the ground and threw it on the wall in anger causing the loud noise of thud. She says,” All of this has to stop, right away.” She takes a deep breathe in and says to her, “I take a pledge to never use magic for any purpose in this life time.” She stayed in that abandoned building from that day onwards for many more days to come and pondered on her mistake. On the other hand, in town came the four new ladies who no one knew about. They were searching for something very precious and ended up in the antique store. They asked the store lady for the box which contained magic. Then the old lady asked who they were and why were they ooking for that specific box. After little more questioning those witches grew impatient and threatened the old lady to give them the box this instant. The old lady replied,” The box is gone. I don’t have it any more”. Witches questioned where was the box, now. The old lady replied that the box was stolen the following night. Witches kept questioning the lady but she didn’t know anything. The witches left empty handed. They went back to their place to strategies, How to get the box back. After two days of strategizing, they came back to the town. They started attacking the kids and terrorizing the town with their power. They trapped the children, behind invisible walls, in the center of the town for everyone to see. They asked the children’s parents to bring the box back or to say goodbye to their children forever and never see their faces again.

Scared and afraid, all the parents gathered around and went to Elena’s place and requested her to save their kids from the hands of evil. At first she refused remembering what happened last time when she used her powers which forced her to take the pledge, but after seeing the pain and agony of the parents she agreed to use her magic one last time for the betterment of the world and save the kids. On full moon night, she planned to attack the witches as their magic
powers are weak at that time of the month. First she broke into the invisible wall in which kids were trapped and help her to go and then she attacked the witches and managed to trap them into an infinity game from which it is nearly impossible to escape.

All the people of her town appreciated and thanked her for saving the town from the witches. She emerged as a real life hero for the people of her town. People started recognizing her as the master of magic. From that day on, Elena continued to use her magic to help others, but she always remained sharp eyed. She knew that there would always be people who want to use magic for their own gain, and she decided to stop them. Elena had learned that magic was not
just a tool for gaining power, but also a tool for helping others. She had learned that with great power came great responsibility, and she always decided to use her power wisely.

Elena’s journey had taught her many valuable lessons about magic and life. She had learned that true power came not from controlling others but from helping them. She had learned that even the most powerful magic had its limitations and could not solve all problems. She had also learned that there was a balance between using her magic to help others and taking care of herself.

As Elena grew older, she became a teacher to other young magic users in her town. She passed on her knowledge and wisdom to the next generation, always highlighting the importance of responsibility and self-control. She also coritinued to use her magic to help others, but she knew that she could not do it alone. She depended up on the support and trust of her community to make a difference. In the end, Elena had become a true master of magic, not just in terms of her abilities but in her understanding of its place in the world. She had taken the responsibility that came with her power and used it to make the world a better place.

Absolutely, power can take many forms, and each of us has some degree of influence over the people and world around us. It’s important to recognize that with power comes great responsibility, and we must use it wisely to make positive changes in the world. Whether it’s through our personal relationships, work, or social influence, we should strive to be mindful of our impact on others and use our power to create a more equitable and compassionate society. It’s through collective efforts that we can make a lasting impact on the world.

By Kanan Setia

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Magical Treasures

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