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Early Exposure To Social Media – Boon Or Curse

“Hello guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel.” Friends do you know from where l heard this sentence? I heard this sentence from my classmate. One day he shared his YouTube channel address with some of us in our class and forced us to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘subscribe’ his channel. So, after reaching home, l saw his videos on my mother’s mobile. Even though they were not so interesting I got surprised by the thought that, how could he manage to do 7such things in so small age as mine? Then l started observing him for his improvements and deteriorations.

After few days of observation, I understood that it was affecting his studies badly. He never paid attention in any class and always thought or asked his friends about new ideas for making videos. His all notebooks, workbooks and homeworks were also incomplete. Slowly he has started loosing his interest in studies. In the age of acquiring basic education he is diverted to social media. But I also observed his incredible confidence in speaking in front of so many people. He is always starving to get new ideas. It might be because of his activities on social media.

By looking at above scenarios, I concluded that, to generate new ideas basic education is very essential. Without it our ideas are also not valuable and effective. So it is always recommended for children to have limited access to social media. Early exposure to social media leads to the addiction of it and drags children away from the things which are basic requirement for their age. The technology is always created for development of people and not to degrade them. So, using it wisely is in our hands.

By Vyom Thakare

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Early Exposure To Social Media – Boon Or Curse

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