I Am A …

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I Am A …

I’ve four arms & legs,
but I don’t even know my name.
I sit all day on the floor,
although nothing is there for me that I could have wore.

I’m simply brown,
but see Joyee is pink,
Hops is yellow,
& Nancy got fancy in designs & her blue gown.

How fun their life is!
If only I got a life like them,
I wouldn’t had to melt in the summer with hot
or get wet in the rain.

I know fortune isn’t for me,
but atleast somebody could have made me free.
I’m stuck for years in this room,
covered a bit with an old, tore Saree of handloom.

My sister, Julliet was also brought here one day,
but the child of the house again took her away.
I hung my head, stand all day,
& think only if somebody knocks the door to take me away.

But I guess its only a dream,
never there will come the light or the moon beam.
At night comes thieves, civet cats,
ghosts, vampires & bats,
that could be seen through the moon beams,
but with sorrow, till now I’ve ever scream.

I don’t know for how many more days,
I’ll have to bear the thunder,
& for my freedom just ponder.

By Samriddha Biswas

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I Am A …

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