A Book Review – Fun With Mathematics

Book Review - Fun With Mathematics - Sumita Bose

A Book Review – Fun With Mathematics

Mathematics as we all know can be interesting and invigorating if taught well. But if dished out half-halfheartedly or without being creative, it tends to be boring and at times may even make the little mind want to distance itself from its drudgery.

As a primary kid in school I found learning math to be boring, dry and sometimes uninteresting. The key reason was the way math was being taught which did not work well for me and it was difficult for me to stay focused and motivated.

Recently I reviewed “Fun With Mathematics” by Sumita Bose. It’s a book that aims to make learning math more engaging and interactive for children.

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Fun With Mathematics – Sumita Bose

The book has been designed for primary school students and has fun topics like Mathemagic, Puzzles, Jokes, Fun Facts, Patterns and Optical Illusions. The content of the book is well-organized, has clear explanations and the fun activities that make math more interesting for kids. The book also provides tricks and shortcuts for easy calculations.

I shared the book with my daughter who found the book quite engaging and simple to implement the concepts.

“Fun with Mathematics” lives up to its name. Apart from helping young minds to explore basic concepts of math, the book also ensures enough entertainment to keep them engaged and thinking. Filled with entertaining and educational activities, I think this full-color book is a perfect way to introduce young children to probably the most feared subject of all.

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A Book Review – Fun With Mathematics

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