Author : Advait Nayak

Essay – R.K. Laxman

Essay – R.K. Laxman Imagine a time when cartoons were not just about giggles but also provoked thought and introspection. This was the magic of R.K. Laxman the genius behind some of India’s most iconic and thought-provoking cartoons. Born in Mysore in 1921 Laxman’s family was already artistic with his brother being the famous author […]

The Saga Of Tama

The Saga Of Tama A local female archaeologist found a cave while exploring the Forests of the Kingdom of Tama. Upon further explorations, they found a massive pile of carcases lying on top of each other inside the cave. The cave turned out to belong to the monarchy “The Vitens”. Being scared as hell, they […]

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