The Saga Of Tama

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The Saga Of Tama

A local female archaeologist found a cave while exploring the Forests of the Kingdom of Tama. Upon further explorations, they found a massive pile of carcases lying on top of each other inside the cave. The cave turned out to belong to the monarchy “The Vitens”. Being scared as hell, they visited the king regarding the cavern. The monarch heard the archaeologist and then summoned a few people. The king hailed The Soldier, The Poet and The Elder One.

The Kingdom of Tama was still under the system of Monarchy while the rest of the world supported Democracy, because of which it remained a legend. The Soldier, who carries a mighty sword, can tear the whole world apart. The Poet, whose weapons are his words, can slay anyone with his tongue. The Elder One, an experienced human, is known as The Longest living Human. It is believed that the Elder One has been residing at Tama since the creation of the Universe. Finally, The King was an intelligent, experienced ruler of the Tama. Together these four individuals were famously known as “The Great Four”.

The Archaeologist upon meeting the Great Four was delighted and felt honoured to be in their presence. Later, The King said,” The cavern you accidentally found was never to be revealed to an ordinary human. There is a big reason why Tama has disconnected from the rest of the World. ” The Archeologist after hearing became intrigued. The Elder One and The Poet started telling the Archaeologist about the Legend.

As Legend says, when the universe was created two energy sources were formed. One which was too bright to make anyone blind, it was a peaceful, happy energy source. Another being the contrary was the darkest, evil, chaotic energy source. These energy sources turned into two human-like creatures, positive energy was called ”The Supreme Wizard of Vishyanti”, while dark energy was called “The Supreme Witch of Slaten”. The Supreme Witch and Supreme Wizard together created the rest of the Universe and were known as “The Supremes”. They created Humans and Angels to live in the world, but every good deed has a counteract this time was the appearance of Demons.

The Demons started creating havoc in the world to avoid this The Supremes produced five creatures that together could destroy every demon. They were known as “The Protectors”. They were granted Immortality. The Protectors contained The King, The Soldier, The Poet, The Priest and The Elder One. The only goal of the Protectors was to Banish the Demons to make this possible the powers of the Priest were used to banish the demons as the Supremes created “The Gate of Hell”, which was placed in a cavern on an island which was later known as Tama. Due to too much power, the priest became corrupt. After banishing the Demons, the priest tricked the Supremes trying to take away their powers.

The Supremes by this time had created their own families and were known as the Slatens and the Vishyantis. The supreme locked away the priest but while fulfilling this the Supremes lost their bodies. They then prophesied that the Demons will one day return and The Supremes will take birth once again in the world to save it. To this day the remaining four are residing at Tama waiting for the Great Convergence.

The King further says, “ The Supremes have already taken birth in their respective Families. The Supreme Witch has been born to the Slatens with the name Slaten Ilithiya and people also call her Fiona. While the Supreme Wizard has been born to the Vishyantis with the name Vishyanti Aretas and people call him Jason. We are now just waiting for their arrival and the beginning of the Great Convergence.” The Archaeologist was willing to help them and it was decided that she was to be made the new priestess who would forever anish the Demons so that they can never return. The Elder One was responsible for her training.

After a few years, a letter was received by the Protectors from the Slaten and Vishyantis that the generations in which the Supremes had taken birth had finished their training but the problem was it was difficult to identify who are the Supremes. So the families are sending the whole generation to Tama so that the ceremony could take place and the real Supremes could be revealed. By this time the priestess’ training was finished, so they decided to conduct the
ceremony at the ceremonial circle at the top of the highest cliff of Tama. The dilemma here was that slowly during the ceremony the whole generation will experience pain and the whole generation will be wiped out except the Supremes.

The supremes losing their memories couldn’t remember their real selves and will get flashbacks of their pasts. The ceremony was initiated and many started attacking each other the only ones left were Fiona and Jason were left. They were
declared as the Supremes.

The Supremes being announced the Angel now known as Gods visited them telling them that the Great COnvergence will be happening within six months. This was a sign for them to start preparing for the mighty battle. The Supremes retrieved their Holy Books which were composed by them along with The Poet. They were the Darklore and the VIshyanti, these contained the spells of the Supremes which was not thought to the others. In these six months, the supremes trained their families with the spells in the book so that they could use them in battle.

After Six months, suddenly there was a huge sound of rocks crumbling down and the roars of the Demons could be heard. This sudden noise alerted everyone as it was a little earlier than it was expected and the Supremes teleported every ordinary human out of the island so that no one could be harmed. Everyone was assembled at the Castle de Tama. Everyone including the Supremes, The Protectors, The New Priestess, The Slatens, The Vishyantis and The Angels were prepared for battle They called themselves “The Magic Alliance”.

At the battlefield were the Magical Creatures on one side while on the side stood the Demons led by the Banished Priest. The battle was announced and it had begun. The plan made by the Supremes was to make the enemy think they will be attacking and fighting them off but in reality, the battle will extend for ten days and on the tenth day the priestess along with the Supremes will perform the ritual to forever Banish the Enemy so that they do not return in the Future.

The Battle began, and the banished priest was furious as he saw that he was replaced by a new priestess. He ordered the Demons to fight them. The Magic Alliance continuously fought with the demons day and night. Soon the tenth arrived, but the priestess and the Supremes didn’t show up for the battle according to the plan. It made the Banished Priest suspicious of the situation, later he realized that a ritual will be taking place. He decided to stop the ritual, he met face-to-face with the priestess and they fought each other. In the end, the Banished Priest was slayed by the Priestess, turns out that it was all in the plan as the ritual required a sacrifice and the Banished Priest became the Sacrifice.

As for the plan, it was decided when the ritual was to begin The Protectors were needed to be present, this was because the powers of the Supremes, Proctors and The Priestess were to be combined to create an unbreakable barrier. So the
Vishyantis, Slaten and Angels took the responsibility to fight the demons while they were completing the ritual.

During the Ritual, the elemental spirits were summoned by the Supremes to ensure double safety. The others were facing problems while fighting the demons. Finally, in the end, the Ritual was complete and all the demons were sucked back into the Gates of Hell. The formation of a new barrier was so majestic that everyone was amazed. After the Battle, the Supremes restored Tama to its former glory before the war.

They fixed everything but the lives of the people who lost their lives were not resurrected. These included all the Vishyantis, Slatens and some angels, this meant that the only Vishyantis and Slatens left were the Supremes themselves. The supremes wept as their families were laid and burned in the forest for their final journey to heaven.

The end being bitter yet sweet, the Supremes decided to marry each other to enhance everyone’s mood and a tremendous amount of energy to be released for the regeneration of the world. The marriage was attended by every remaining member of the Magical Alliance. After a few years, Slaten Ilithiya and Vishyanti Aretas had kids. The boys took the Vishyanti powers while the Girls took the Slaten Powers. This way the families were rebuilt. They made a rule that every slaten will always have a Vishyanti with them.

The protectors also gave up their Immortality and had kids who later succeeded them. Soon the Protectors passed away and were laid to rest. Through this the peace and beauty were restored. The Supremes made another prophecy that whenever there will be a danger to this world the Supremes and the Protectors will come back to protect the world from all the dangers. After which the Supremes vanished into thin air.

By Advait Nayak

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The Saga Of Tama

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