Zombie Monkeys

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Zombie Monkeys

As you must have read in my previous story “The Zombie Apocalypse”, King Zach was killed by Steve.

After Zach, the Zombie King died, the zombies made a new king named Zeke. Zeke was a very boring Zombie King and never even tried to do something fun.One day, all the zombies except Zeke congregated in the backyard of the kingdom. They were bored by this new king. All were discussing about what to do that is fun. Suddenly, a chubby zombie shouted “We can invent a new sport!”

Everyone thought this idea was incredible and they also could capture a part of the kingdom backyard to play it and monotonous Zeke would never get to know. Everyone agreed to this plan. Then the chubby zombie shouted again “The sport should have a name and we should decide what to do in the sport!”

A lot of them came up with awkward ideas like an obese zombie told “We should throw shoes at each other and whoever reaches 10 targets first wins!” The sport was finally decided when a skinny zombie told “We should keep some players in the middle and some players at both the sides. Then the player at one end should throw a ball to the other end. If any player in the middle catches it, he is the winner.” Its name was decided as “Zombie Monkeys” Everyone liked the idea of the sport and agreed to try it tomorrow as it was the king’s rest day.

The next day, all of them accumulated at a place in the backyard of the kingdom to try Zombie Monkeys. They all split into three groups and one group went in the middle, one to the left and one to the right. One of them brought a ball and the zombie who had voted to be the referee blew the whistle. The ball soared into the air and landed in the arms of a zombie on the left team. The zombie then vigorously flung the ball sky high into the air which landed safely at the end of the right side.

The zombies in the middle and right dashed to get the ball and a zombie on the right team clutched it safely in his hands. The zombies on the middle team grunted and stormed back into the center. The game went on and on till an hour or two and in the last, the ball slipped out of a zombie on the right team and a zombie from the middle team leaped and he clutched it tightly in his hands.

The referee blew the whistle and all of them sauntered back into the kingdom, chattering about how fun the game was.They kept playing over the years and Zeke never knew that there was a sport in Zombie Land.

By Janay Modi

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Zombie Monkeys

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