The Boy And His Dog

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The Boy And His Dog

Once a boy and his dog were sitting, looking through the garden and the boy said this would be a perfect spot for a party. So they went to the shop and bought 50 lollypops, 200 varieties of soft drink, and 25 board games.

But then he stopped and thought how am I going to carry all this stuff? So then he had to go and get 275 shopping bags, but then he stopped. How am I going to carry all these bags back to my house? So he had to go back and get 50 trolleys. But then he stopped and thought, now how am I going to push all these trolleys?

So he went back and bought 50 of the latest robot-helpers that had arms to help you with anything. After all that pushing, packing, walking, and buying, the boy and his dog with the robots finally got back to the house.

About half an hour later the boy, the dog, and the robots had set up a big party area. So now the boy thought, its time I phoned some people to come. In the end he had phoned his best friend Max but he was at the doctors, he rang Sarah but she was at the shopping mall with her mum, and his other friend Luke was at the cinema with his dad.

By this time it was already 5:30 pm, and the robots had run off and so the boy sighed. His dog howled too, and then the boy looked into his dog’s eyes and said well at least I have you. Then the dog jumped on the boy, licking him and rolling around and the boy was laughing so hard. It turns out it was a great party after all.

By Pulkit Kalra

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The Boy And His Dog

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