Movie Review – Ferdinand

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Movie Review – Ferdinand

When it is weekends I really love watching cartoon movies. The animation really fascinates me and makes me watch them more. There are some special ones whom if I saw 100 times also it’ll still be special to me. One of them is ‘Ferdinand’ my most favourite one. The main character is the big black Bull named for Ferdinand fondly called Ferd. His friends includes Bones, Guapo, Angus, Maquina.

But Valiente thinks him as an enemy. Other minor characters are Nina – Ferd’s master and a pet dog ,the instructor goat, the three hedgehogs- Una, Dos & Quatro, Moreno – the owner of Dasa del Toro, the three proud horses – Hans, Klaus, Greta and lastly the Bull fighter, El Primero. The setting of this movie is in Madrid, Spain.

The movie is about a bull who didn’t liked the bullfighting. But there was a bull, Valiente who thought Ferd to be his enemy because their father were enemies too and Ferd’s father was being selected for bullfighting. One day when he was a child Ferd had met Nina and her dog Poco. She was kind and loved Ferdinand a lot. When he was big he entered a flower market and everything got destroyed. Again he was sent back to Casa de Toro.

That time there the bullfighter El Primero was selecting Bulls. Ferd had to forcefully fight with Valiente. Valiente’s horns broke and Ferd got selected. He tried to run away with the help of the three hedgehogs and the goat, Lupe to Valiente and Guapo who were in the house where bulls meat are cut. Later he tried to run but the three proud horses were not letting him. At the end he ran away but got trapped. Then in Madrid when the fight was going on Nina and his father arrived. Ferdinand was so good that even the audiences shouted to leave him. After that Nina took all the bulls and the goat Lupe to her home. This was a happy ending.

This movie seems extremely interesting when you see it. This was just an overview of the movie ‘Ferdinand’. All must watch this movie for their entertainment.

By Samriddha Biswas

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Movie Review – Ferdinand

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